How Gabion Stone Can Elevate Your Next Project

How Gabion Stone Can Elevate Your Next Project
June 6, 2024
How Gabion Stone Can Elevate Your Next Project
Gabion stone enhances both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your outdoor living space.

Gabion stone, commonly seen along riverbanks and mountainsides, is now gaining popularity in landscape design for its unique aesthetic and functional benefits. From building pillars to creating ponds and walls, gabion stone can transform your outdoor living space into a stylish and durable oasis.

What is Gabion Stone?

Gabion stone consists of crushed rocks, such as limestone, sourced from local quarries and used as filler for gabion cages. These stones come in various sizes, with the most popular being 200-100mm. Gabions are welded or woven wire mesh cages made from coated or galvanized steel. Welded-mesh gabions, more rigid and suitable for architectural projects, contrast with the flexible woven-mesh baskets ideal for large retaining walls and civil engineering projects. Gabion baskets, filled with rocks, concrete, and other aggregates, serve various purposes, from road building and erosion control to landscaping and military uses.

Typical Uses of Gabion Stone

Gabion stone is primarily used for ground stabilization and erosion prevention. In residential settings, gabion stone is often utilized for retaining walls that require no foundation due to their weight and flexibility. Other common uses include mass retaining walls, terrace walls, channel linings, dam protection, and architectural applications. In landscaping, STONEarch Stone Grid Gabions can create artistic accent walls, seating bases, planters, and water feature surrounds.

Pros and Cons of Gabion Stone


- Aesthetically Pleasing: Gabions provide a unique, natural look that enhances any landscape.

- Easy & Cost-Effective Installation: Gabions require no foundations, making installation straightforward and affordable.

- Long-Lasting: Coated steel and durable fillers resist corrosion, ensuring longevity.

- Flexible: Suitable for unstable ground and moving water, gabions adapt without losing functionality.

- Strong: Gabions can withstand floods, torrential force, and earth pressure.

- Permeable: Allowing water to drain easily, gabions eliminate the need for additional drainage systems.

- Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled materials and supporting plant growth, gabions are an environmentally friendly choice.


- Style: The rugged appearance of gabions may not suit all landscape designs.

- Large Size: Gabions can be bulky and may not fit well in small spaces.

- Required Filler Size: Fillers must be larger than 3 inches in diameter to stay contained within the cage.

- Potential Home for Insects & Animals: The gaps in gabion fillers can attract small creatures.

How to Make a Gabion Basket

Gabion baskets are incredibly versatile and can enhance your outdoor space creatively. Whether as a patio accessory, stairway, pathway divider, firepit, planter, or sculpture, the possibilities are endless. Customizing your gabion basket can add a unique touch to your landscape design.

 Materials Needed:

- Mesh Roll or Sheets

- Rebar Ties

- Connectors/Spiral Wires

- Pliers

- Rust Kill Solution

- Gloves

- Rocks

- Time

Steps to Make a Gabion Basket:

1. Determine the Size: Measure and mark the dimensions of your gabion basket.

2. Cut the Mesh: Cut the mesh roll or sheets to the required size using pliers.

3. Form the Basket: Bend the sides up to create the shape of the basket.

4. Prepare the Ends: Cut mesh pieces for the ends, trimming any sharp edges.

5. Assemble the Basket: Use rebar ties or spiral wires to connect the ends and form a secure basket structure.

6. Add Support Braces: If necessary, insert supporting braces inside the basket for added stability.

7. Fill the Basket: Place blocks or bricks in the center for a cost-effective approach and surround them with your desired rocks.

With these simple steps, you can create a durable and visually appealing gabion basket that suits your landscaping needs. Get creative and make a feature that stands out in your garden!

Unique Uses for Your Landscape

Gabion stone can add texture and visual interest to your backyard. Consider creative applications such as back-lit gabions filled with colored glass, walls filled with shells and shelves for plants or lanterns, capped seating walls, bases for planters and outdoor furniture, fireplace surrounds, and water features. The versatility of gabions allows for endless design possibilities.

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