Wholesale Natural Stone Supplier for Architects


Architects, landscape designers & other design professionals love our innovative product range, readiness to work on custom products, and our promptness in providing information & quotes. Architects and designers like our collaborative approach as we work closely with them and their customers to share our expertise and recommend the most suitable products for their projects.


We are passionate to continuously deliver on quality, dependability and value for money

Custom Products

Give life to your creative genius. Any cut, any size, any pattern

Premium Quality

Industry leading shape and colour consistency for fast installation.

Design Consultation

Our in house architects and stone experts can help you design the perfect project


Our STONEarch collection includes a full range of wholesale landscaping products, including pavers, flagstone, copings, cobblestones, walling stones, stone veneer, curbs, pebbles, artificial turf grass, etc.​

Paving stone, or pavers, are a classic choice for aesthetically pleasing landscape designs

Stone Copings

Coping stone is a flat stone that forms part of a coping which can be used to cap free-standing ...

Pool Copings

Pool copings add a distinctive and elegant feature to your pool while providing visual...

Pier Caps

Pier Caps are available in variety of colors, stones and sizes with 2” thickness & also 3” thickness

Stone Curbs

Curbs are a classic choice for aesthetically pleasing landscape designs. They come in a variety of...

Cobble Stone

Cobbles are coble-sized, natural stones that are used for building driveways, walkways, or patios


Learn why STONEarch is the natural stone bulk supplier of choice for top landscaping architects​

Custom Stone Products & Specialty Sourcing

We understand that building and landscape architects design one-of-a-kind projects and they are always looking for reliable wholesale natural stone suppliers that can custom cut stones to suit their architectural drawings and specifications, including bulk flagstone and paver stones. With over 15 years of experience in custom stone manufacturing and over 25 years in architectural design, we have become the go-to custom natural stone for landscape designers and architects across North America.

Our stone fabrications facilities are well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to carve custom sizes and produce a unique variety of finishes using techniques ranging from sand-blasting to water-jets.


Globally Sourced Top Quality Stones

The exquisite, eternal, and unique qualities of natural stone have earned it the reputation as the “ultimate building material” globally. A large part of our focus at STONEarch is to find and source the most premium natural stone products. We pride ourselves in being the leader in stone production and logistics, continuously bringing new products to the North American market. Over the past 15 years, we have established a track record of success in continued product innovation, and we have driven significant growth in the industry from new stone offerings.

Our commitment has earned us the reputation as the most trusted wholesale landscaping stones vendor and Canada’s most innovative natural stone depot. For your next project with natural stone – let STONEarch help you execute your design vision.


Complimentary Design Assistance

We understand that not everyone is an expert in natural stone architectural design, and thaat’s why we are always here to help. From patio design ideas to stone laying patterns and anything in between, STONEarch has worked with countless architects to help refine their design ideas and bring their creativity to life. Besides assisting with design, we can also help you select the right stone finish, and provide stone samples and mock-ups to assist you. STONEarch has decades of experience working with architects to bring their design vision to reality, reach out to us today!


Spec Sheets, ASTM Test Report & More

We at STONEarch are ready and equipped to satisfy technical requests on product sizes, finishes, and specification sheets. We can also provide you with ASTM test reports and other physical & chemical properties of the stone, in order to evaluate its strength, salt resistance, freeze-thaw-cycles and suitability for your project. Besides providing these reports, our selection process is diligent and our experience allows us to recommend natural stone products that will best fit your architectural design project.

Our deep knowledge in technical properties of stone enables architects to focus on exquisite design to create timeless outdoor landscapes.


End-To-End Support

STONEarch has a wealth of tools to help you close more deals. All of our architects have access to STONEarch showrooms, stone samples, printed catalogues and much more. Marketing support includes:

  • Patterns
  • Samples
  • Quotations
  • Landscape stone catalogue
  • Business leads
  • Access to landscape stone showroom
  • Shop drawings
  • Project pictures
  • Landscaping ideas
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