Slate Gray has color tones of light to medium shades of gray with a slight hint of beige. It has a very subtle natural surface & striations. This color is suitable for a wide range of applications. It blends well with the natural colors of a garden patio environment and is also dark enough to stand out as a featured entrance stone against lighter background architecture.

Due to the neutral shade of this stone – it is the most popular landscape stone for many landscape architects, landscape designers, landscape contractors and estate home builders. This stone creates a stunning landscape for any residential landscape or commercial landscape project. The color of this stone is very trendy and it is complementary to armor rocks.

This stone is available in a variety of products such as Pavers, Copings, Wall Copings, Bullnose Pool Copings, Pier Caps, Jumbo Slabs, Cobbles, Steps, Curbs, Tiles, etc.

The other popular name for this stone is Slate Brown.

Additional Information

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