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Slate is a type of metamorphic rock that begins as marine mud. It’s a sturdy and non-porous natural stone with a smooth and sleek texture. Most slate stones are gray.

However, you can find the landscape material in various hues, including black, brown, brick red, green, and even purple. Moreover, you can deepen the colour of slate stone by applying an enhancing sealer that will be able to highlight the stone’s natural variations.

The most common use of slate in landscaping projects is for walling facades. Instead of cutting with a saw, most slate tiles are split apart. Hence, this gives them a somewhat unusual cleft surface, which can give any space interest and character.

STONEarch Slate Collection

Our range of slate stones is naturally beautiful and strong with a unique appearance. It’s also available in a variety of earthy tones and hues, including Walling Honey, Walling Midnight, and Walling Rustic. These slate walling panels will work great on any of your indoor and outdoor landscape projects, from fireplaces to garden walls. They are not only versatile corner pieces but user-friendly to install as well.

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