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Our contractor clients frequently compliment our products and service. Our premium landscaping stones with a professional & prompt service serve a great value. We can provide our clients a one-stop shop with fast delivery to their projects for a variety of products, sizes, colours, and value packs.


We are passionate to continuously deliver on quality, dependability and value for money

Fast Delivery

Over 1 million sqft of stone in stock and most trusted dealer in Eastern Canada

Premium Quality

Industry leading shape and colour consistency for fast installation.
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Competitive Pricing

Our large scale and lean cost structure passes the savings to you


Our STONEarch collection includes a full range of wholesale landscaping products, including pavers, flagstone, copings, cobblestones, walling stones, stone veneer, curbs, pebbles, artificial turf grass, etc.​

Paving stone, or pavers, are a classic choice for aesthetically pleasing landscape designs

Stone Copings

Coping stone is a flat stone that forms part of a coping which can be used to cap free-standing ...

Pool Copings

Pool copings add a distinctive and elegant feature to your pool while providing visual...

Pier Caps

Pier Caps are available in variety of colors, stones and sizes with 2” thickness & also 3” thickness

Stone Curbs

Curbs are a classic choice for aesthetically pleasing landscape designs. They come in a variety of...

Cobble Stone

Cobbles are coble-sized, natural stones that are used for building driveways, walkways, or patios


Learn why over 500 contractors and architects work with STONEarch

Fast Delivery Guaranteed

Our vast variety of wholesale natural stone, flagstone, artificial grass, and bulk paver stones for contractors that include landscape stone pavers, stone steps, patio stones, and other paving stones, are available in various sizes, finishes & colors. Since we stock all of our products under one roof, we are able to provide building and landscape contractors with prompt delivery directly to their project site. Our large stone inventory also includes economical stone packs and combo packs, making it easier for contractors to select and order exactly what they need for their projects. Furthermore, our products are shipped with flat-bed trucks, moffett, and shipping containers to ensure prompt and economical shipping.

As a supplier of natural stone in bulk, STONEarch also offer stone delivery across Canada & USA. Contact us to see if you qualify for FREE SHIPPING on your natural stone wholesale order!


Globally Sourced Top Quality Stones

STONEarch’s success is built on our unwavering commitment to our one point mission – “Quality First”. Over the past 15 years, we’ve been able to create a community of loyal landscape & building contractors that continuously choose STONEarch premium stone products. We have earned our reputation as an industry benchmark for the highest quality natural stone products and one of the leading wholesale stone suppliers in North America. Much of our success is the direct result of our “quality-first” manufacturing philosophy – where the entire manufacturing process is optimized for product quality as opposed to overall volume.

All of these steps ensure that we provide you with a product that takes less time to install and allows you to focus on other things such as keeping your customer happy and helping them build their dream landscape.


Great Stones Competitive Price

Over the years, STONEarch has invested aggressively in the production of landscaping stones. Our efficient production processes and equipment drive down our costs and we are able to pass these savings on to contractors who always find it challenging to purchase wholesale landscaping stones within their budget. As one of Canada’s largest wholesale natural stone suppliers, we are able to leverage our high volumes and offer incredible cost savings to you. Since our products are packaged in a variety of combinations, contractors are able to purchase what they need for their specific project which allows them to keep their costs low.

Furthermore, we reward our high-volume contractors with even more attractive prices and terms. The more you buy, the more you save!


End-To-End Support

Our contractors enjoy a wide range of complimentary services from STONEarch, including

  • Patterns
  • Stone samples
  • Quotations of landscaping stones
  • Landscape stone catalogue
  • Business leads
  • Access to landscape stone showroom
  • Shop drawings & custom cut stones
  • Access to landscaping project pictures
  • Access to landscaping design ideas

Custom Stone Products & Specialty Sourcing

Our contractors frequently work closely with landscape architects, designers, and custom home builders. At STONEarch, we are able to customize stone products as per your project drawings and specifications, so you’re never left with a solution that was not fabricated for you.

This customization enables us to provide products that are better suited for the design vision, saving time in installation and reducing costs for contractors. We are your single point of contact for all of your stone needs from across the globe, and we take the responsibility to ensure the stone you buy is of exceptional quality, delivered on time, and meets your specific project requirements.


Wide Range Of Packaging Options

We at STONEarch realize that every project is not the same. Our standard packs, combo packs, and pattern packs make it economical and convenient to buy products that you need for the job. These smart packaging options make our products versatile for both small and large landscape projects. Whether you need one single size for a soldier course of an interlocking stone driveway or you need a combination of sizes for a patio or pool deck, bulk artificial grass, or flagstone – we have you covered in all situations.


Estimates, Quotes & Free Referrals

We understand every client’s need of getting an estimate or a quote promptly. One of our core company policies for working on a project is the “Right Away” policy. As soon as we receive information from our clients on their project, we immediately get on the job and work on quotations, samples, pictures, and any other information that is required to help you select the right product for you.

We’re frequently complimented by the industry for our collaborative approach and customer service. Our promptness of response is appreciated by most of our contractors who are usually working on tight timelines for their clients.

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