Eramosa is a limestone found in Northern Ontario from the region of Wiarton & Owen Sound. It is a very unique stone with a fleuri pattern. Eramosa comes in various finishes with the most common being flamed and sand-blasted. Eramosa flamed has a much more vibrant pattern and the fleuri design is more clearly visible on the stone. Eramosa sandblasted is more subtle in the veining and patterns, creating a more subtle profile in a project. Eramosa is a limestone which means it is durable to withstand Canadian climate including salt, and both flamed and sandblasted finishes are also slip resistant. It is an extremely popular choice for landscape architects and contractors as each piece is unique and the overall project has a bold profile. Eramosa also varies in tones ranging from light to dark brown, beige, and cream shades.

This stone is available in a variety of products such as Pavers, Copings, Wall Copings, and Bullnose Pool Copings.

The other popular names for this stone are Eramosa Fleuri, Eramosa Flamed, Eramosa Sandblasted, Wiarton Buff, and Wiarton Eramosa.

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