Premium Landscaping Stone Supplier for Enterprises


Our enterprise clients like our superior quality products, expertise on custom products, and economical pricing. We work closely with our clients to help them envision their project, and our expertise allows us to recommend durable, commercial grade products.


Turn key solution for all your natural stone needs

Commercial Grade

A collection of high consistency, premium natural stones destined for heavy commercial use

Trusted Vendor

Most trusted natural stone vendor with a proven track record of success

Incredible Value

Our large scale and competitive cost structure passes the savings to you


Our STONEarch collection of premium stones for enterprises includes a full range of commercial landscaping stone products, including pavers, copings, cobble stones, walling stones, curbs, etc.

Paving stone, or pavers, are a classic choice for aesthetically pleasing landscape designs

Stone Copings

Coping stone is a flat stone that forms part of a coping which can be used to cap free-standing ...

Pool Copings

Pool copings add a distinctive and elegant feature to your pool while providing visual...

Pier Caps

Pier Caps are available in variety of colors, stones and sizes with 2” thickness & also 3” thickness

Stone Curbs

Curbs are a classic choice for aesthetically pleasing landscape designs. They come in a variety of...

Cobble Stone

Cobbles are coble-sized, natural stones that are used for building driveways, walkways, or patios


Learn the success behind over 100 flagship custom projects

Most Trusted Stone Vendor

At STONEarch, we understand that our enterprise clients are searching for more than just a supplier of natural stone. We understand your critical challenges including tight project deadlines and budget constraints. Our prompt service in stone sampling and quotations are the keys to our strong relationships with enterprise clients. Not only do we ensure prompt service, we also ensure that you receive your products within the committed time and at the promised cost.

STONEarch products have been trusted for many years and our deep understanding of harsh North American climate allows us to stock premium quality natural stone products that will maintain a timeless appeal. With over 15 years, we have successfully established our reputation as the most trusted stone vendor.


Commercial Grade Natural Stones

Our deep technical know-how in stone fabrication, architectural design, and supply chain management has earned us great respect in the industry. Since we manage the entire stone manufacturing and distribution operation in-house, we have direct control over production quality and standards. We work closely with our enterprise clients to understand their specific architectural needs and our expertise allows us to supply them with custom stones and recommend highly durable yet economically priced products for their needs.

STONEarch can also supply you ASTM test reports, physical, and chemical properties of stones, technical testing data, specification sheets of various stones for your own evaluation of quality, hardness, and resistance to freeze thaw cycles.


Best Stone At The Best Possible Price

Procuring from Canada’s largest natural stone wholesaler means you can benefit directly from our economies of scale and industry-leading lean cost structure. Moreover, all of our commercial grade premium stone pavers for enterprises, such as granite, limestone, and marble slab, are sourced directly from high consistency quarries to minimize variations of colours and textures. Our stone quarries consistently produce high-quality products in a cost-efficient environment. Quarrying and processing products near the quarry help us keep our costs low and deliver quality stone products in tight timeline projects.

STONEarch ensures the consistency of all raw materials, products, and finishes. And to aid you in your decision, we will gladly provide stone sampling and mock-ups as required for the project.


Record Of Success In Project Orders

We at STONEarch specialize in supplying stone for projects. We work carefully with our quarries to ensure consistency of raw-material, product, and finish. To aid you in your decision, we can also provide stone sampling and mock ups as required for the project. However, don’t take our word for it! We are happy to provide you with access to see some recent projects by our enterprise clients.

Our success over the last 15 years is visible through countless testimonials by clients and a track-record for returning customers.


Guidance In Product Selection

Need a natural stone expert to advise you on the best stones for your project? Our design consultants are only a phone call away.

Over the past 15 years, experience in the stone business, with the added value of architectural skills practiced for over 25 years, have earned us the title of stone guru. Our experience in selection & fabrication, combined with our architectural understanding of future trends in the construction and landscape industry, have earned us reputation as one of the industry experts on stone guidance.

Finally, our large selection and easy access to state of the art equipment specializing in finishes such as water-jet, leather, acid wash, etc. allows us to have incredible visibility into the most suitable products for your project specifications.


Turnkey Custom Manufacturing

STONEarch offers thousands of premium landscaping stone products available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes. Enterprise clients love our expertise in crafting products exclusively designed for their project. We use specialized and advanced manufacturing tools to get you the perfect size, fit, colour, and style, even for your most innovative custom projects.

Our state-of-the-art fabrication units can customize any product. Custom finishes include bush-hammer, sandblasting, flaming, water jet, antique, and brushing, on a variety of stones and products. As well, we can customize shapes as per your architectural design and product specifications. Lastly, all our custom projects undergo extensive inspection prior to shipping, thereby ensuring a premium quality product and adherence to your project timelines.

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