Pebbles are fragments of rock that are smaller, more refined, and more distinct compared to typical garden stones. They have elliptical or round forms and typically have small diameters. Pebbles are elements that have been applied to outdoor landscapes since olden times, yet their application still persists in this modern era. 

Our White Pebbles have an elegant and pristine look. Coated with a matte finish, they exhibit a clean and calm appearance. Each pebble piece has a distinct round shape that adds a vibrant twist to the outdoor space. The pebbles full white tone shines in natural light in outdoor settings, but can also shimmer underwater. Pebbles White can suit various large spaces, including terraces, courtyards, gardens, and even Japanese-themed landscapes. They can also work well in smaller applications, including pots, water features, and flower beds. In such cases, larger pebbles can work for large areas, and smaller pebbles can work for smaller spaces. They can also add depth and texture to the flower beds in the garden. For aquarium applications, they can also add a stunning and unique touch that makes the area look more alive and natural. White Pebbles can also be applied to tree bases to boost the visual appeal of the area. They can be used to even out the ground that surrounds the tree. They are also perfect finishing touches for troughs, jars, and pots. Adding pebbles to pot plants’ surfaces gives them color and texture while keeping the plant protected. 

These Pebbles White are available in 1.25” to 2” and 2” to 3” sizes. We offer wholesale and bulk bags of pebbles in 1 ton bags. STONEarch White Pebbles are available for your landscaping and architectural needs, be they commercial or residential.

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