Introducing Porcea Silver Valley, an outdoor porcelain tile blending timeless light gray tones with a subtle hint of blue, echoing Silver Grey limestone, Hampton limestone, and STONEarch Silver Valley limestones' elegance and resilience. It creates a serene and sophisticated outdoor ambiance with a harmonious play of colours, appealing to both modern and classic design sensibilities. Inspired by these coveted natural stones, Porcea Silver Valley replicates their authenticity while offering superior outdoor porcelain durability. The texture, with an R11 surface finish, outperforms limestone in landscape applications. Experience the fusion of aesthetics and functionality, creating outdoor spaces that exude limestone sophistication while benefiting from porcelain's durability and low maintenance. Explore possibilities with Porcea Stone.

This product is available in pavers along with matching copings in STONEarch Silver Valley.


2 CM – 60×90 CM (24×36”)

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