2023 Hardscaping and Landscaping Trends

2023 Hardscaping and Landscaping Trends
April 28, 2023
2023 Hardscaping and Landscaping Trends

Letting the outdoor space undergo a makeover will never go out of style. It is no wonder that several households have their very own outdoor kitchens, living rooms, patios, grilling stations, and other intentional spaces. 

But for those who are planning to renovate their outdoor landscape or start the landscaping journey from the get-go, there are some things to keep in mind. If the process is impulsively started, the results could end up mediocre. 

For one, knowing the top trends in hardscaping and landscaping could be a good place to start. When it comes to this, intentional planning and the incorporation of premium materials should be prioritized. Cobblestones, curb stones, and natural stone pavers are some of the best outdoor landscaping and hardscaping materials out there that could suit virtually any outdoor landscape and trend. 

Now, what exactly are the trends in 2023 for hardscaping and landscaping? Here are some of them. 

  • Clear outdoor spaces 
  • Balancing minimalism with textures and patterns 
  • Smart landscaping
  • Adding water to the space 
  • Utilizing reclaimed and recycled materials 
  • Ambient and atmospheric lighting 
  • Using natural materials 
  • Vertical gardening 

Hardscaping and Landscaping Design Trends In 2023 

Clear Outdoor Spaces 

The clarity and the definition of outdoor spaces are foundational when it comes to landscaping. With more households gaining a preference for outdoor life, there is now a growing need to turn such spaces into areas that could be of use. 

The outdoor space can be carefully budgeted and transformed into a variety of things. A certain area can be dedicated to a paved outdoor kitchen, while other areas can be turned into an outdoor living room, patio, grilling station, or even a pool. 

Regardless of the type of outdoor space, premium materials such as natural stone pavers made of granite, limestone, or slate could do wonders for the area. 

Balancing Minimalism With Textures and Patterns

While minimalism has been a rising trend because of its clean simplicity, both textures and patterns are gradually entering hardscapes and landscapes once more. Though neutrals and plain tones still have a place in design, several are now opting for playful, vibrant, and bold details. 

In pulling this off, it is important to strategically plan out the balance of texture, volume, and tones. If too much life is added to the design, things could end up messy. In the end, it is important to find a balance between minimalism and vibrance, which is something that natural stone pavers, such as travertine, could work well with. 


Smart Landscaping

With the rapid advancement of technology, it is no surprise that smart technology is invading the world of landscaping and hardscaping as well. These technologies may include installing elaborate lighting, adding Bluetooth-operated irrigation systems, or placing smart sensors in the area. 

When it comes to smart landscaping, there are four things to keep in mind: connectivity, controllers, monitoring, and sensors. All of these work hand-in-hand to ensure that the smart technology installed optimally functions. 

Adding Water to the Space 

Including a small pond, fountain, or pool into the outdoor landscape is also a resurfacing landscaping and hardscaping trend for 2023. These small water additions could serve as a calming and peaceful attraction.

If the mere sight of water would be enough, maybe a small fish pond or fountain would suffice. But in order to gain an actual interaction or touch with the water, adding a beautiful pool could be a good option, should the budget allow it. 

Utilizing Reclaimed and Recycled Materials 

Sustainability is one important factor when it comes to landscape design, especially as more people become conscious of how human activity affects the environment as a whole. With this, it is no wonder that several homes are turning to reclaimed and recycled materials for aesthetic and functional additions to their outdoor landscape. 

When it comes to material repurposing, the options are virtually endless. Households could creatively use recycled plastic bottles as planters, or they could opt for natural stone pavers that are sourced from the earth’s very own sustainable resources. 

Ambient and Atmospheric Lighting 

The right mix of lighting could have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere and ambiance of an outdoor space. Regardless of whether lighting is to be functionally installed into the outdoor kitchen or added as a mood-setter to the pathway or outdoor living room, it will make a huge difference. These landscape additions are both extremely practical and decorative.

When it comes to landscape design, lit focal points could be added to bring life to the space. Aside from serving a functional purpose, it could draw one’s attention to something else in the area. 

Using Natural Materials 

As mentioned earlier, the utilization of recycled and reclaimed materials is a growing landscaping trend in 2023. The trend goes further, however, as natural materials also make their mark in landscaping. 

Natural materials, such as pavers of sandstone and basalt, are more preferred options. Aside from their remarkable durability and visual appeal, they also make the outdoor space appear more natural, real, and warm. What makes them even better is that their versatility enables them to be suitable for virtually any outdoor application. 

(Sandstone Brown)

Vertical Gardening 

In the past few years, vertical gardening has become a rising trend. It remains a dominant trend this year. 

Vertical gardens suit outdoor landscapes with limited space. Because of their vertical growth, homeowners get to maximize the space and the yield that they can get from their plants. Aside from that, vertical gardens can also be used to differentiate spaces from each other or even add life to a plain wall. 

Make Your Dream Landscape a Reality With STONEarch

While knowing the trends is an important way to get started, all these landscaping plans will remain plans if no action is taken. If you are planning to elevate your outdoor space by landscaping or hardscaping it, know that STONEarch is here to be of help. We offer the most premium natural stone pavers on the market. 

If you are looking into making your dream landscape a reality, contact us. Serving you will be our pleasure. 

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