6 Simple DIY Landscape Projects For Your Backyard During COVID-19

6 Simple DIY Landscape Projects For Your Backyard During COVID-19
May 4, 2020
6 Simple DIY Landscape Projects For Your Backyard During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed many of us already. We’re in a situation right now where pretty much everything is a guessing game. However, just because you’re stuck at home 24/7 doesn’t mean that you have to waste all your time watching movies or taking naps.

There are many things you can do inside your home. But it’s vital to get outside, catch some sunlight, get active, and become productive. I’m sure that before COVID-19 took a hit, there were plenty of Do-It-Yourself DIY landscape projects you had in mind for your backyard. And now, more than ever is the right time to tackle them – given you’re stuck at home and have nothing but time on your hands!

It may not be easy at first, but once you get off the couch and gather your tools, you’ll be motivated all the way. Plus, your immune system and mood will benefit from all that fresh air and Vitamin D. So with that in mind, here are some DIY landscape projects for your backyard while you’re quarantined at home. You can even get the kids to help you out and make it a bonding experience for the entire family! Here are a list of 6 simple DIY Landscape projects for your backyard during COVID-19:

Create A Nice Garden

A nice little garden can turn your landscape even more beautiful. Aside from adding aesthetics in your property, gardening can also take your mind off things. But before starting your garden, clean up your yard first. Get rid of those weeds, and do some mulching and fertilizing. Also, make sure to prepare your ground for planting by composting.

Gardening is not only a relaxing activity. Planting your favorite vegetables or herbs is pretty convenient and will save you money on groceries in the long run. If you’re more of a flower person, consider planting hardy plants like lime hydrangeas, drift roses, and kaleidoscope abelia that will look lovely in any backyard.

Here at STONEarch, we get so caught up in the hardscaping that we sometimes forget what brings real life to a project – all of the beautiful trees, plants, and flowers.

Give Your Children Their Own Corner In The Backyard


If you’re bored during quarantine, imagine what your kids are feeling right now. So give them a special place in your backyard and let them help you execute it. Plan something that will bring out their imaginations and creative juices, maybe even create a small competition between your kids.

Creating this is easy. Choose a nice corner in your backyard. Then add some small pebbles, colored sand, and your children’s choice of mini plants. Cactus and succulents are a good idea and they’re also cheap. You can place them in a container that’s at least 12 inches wide with pretty good drainage and put it in a sunny spot near your kid’s corner.

Let them be responsible for watering the area, taking care of the garden, removing weeds, and ensuring their plants remain healthy. After 4 weeks, you can measure the growth and give the winner some extra dessert at dinner time!

Turn Your Outdoor Space In A Nice Living Area

There are plenty of ways to turn your outdoor space into a stunning living area. You can create a seating area with a pergola so that you’ll have some sha

There are plenty of ways to turn your outdoor space into a stunning living area. You can create a seating area with a pergola so that you’ll have some shade. This is a fantastic place to sit back and to start going through the list of books that you’ve been planning to read for months. Our good friend Steve at Timberkits can give you a hand when it comes to designing the right pergola for your backyard.

Moreover, you may add some plants around it to make the space more inviting. Consider repurposing old cans and have the kids join in on the fun by asking them to decorate them and planting whatever type of plants they want.

Consider incorporating some natural stone copings or landscape pavers into your patio area. If you have some steps leading into your backyard, stone copings can save you a lot of money and they are easy to lift and can be installed with just 2 people. In this picture, you’ll see our Black limestone copings used in this elegant landscape project.

Incorporate Some Mood Lighting


Outdoor lighting is an inexpensive way to enhance your backyard and its ambiance at night. Incorporating your outdoor living space with mood lighting will give it a starry feel. Also, you can use it in several different ways, including along your pathways with lanterns or torches. Or you can drape string lights on your trees. Doing so can make family dinner outdoors an even more enjoyable and intimate experience.

Spruce Up Your Garden Path

Adding natural stone pebbles around your garden path can turn it into Adding natural stone pebbles around your garden path can turn it into something alluring. If you don’t have any available at home, you may contact our STONEarch team for any order request. Our white landscaping pebbles can add a pop of colour to any project.

Create a DIY Backyard Pond


No matter how little space you have available in your backyard, you can easily add a gorgeous pond in it. This DIY landscape project for your backyard is simple and inexpensive. Putting up a simple water feature on a small space can make it look much larger than it is. Plus, the sound of the trickling water is enough to relax anyone. And relaxing your mind amidst this COVID-19 pandemic is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

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