Backyard, Patio, And Driveway Renovation On A Budget

Backyard, Patio, And Driveway Renovation On A Budget
August 2, 2019
Backyard, Patio, And Driveway Renovation On A Budget

The first thing that will come to your mind when planning any home renovation is probably cost. However, there are several inexpensive ways you can enhance your backyard, patio, or driveway without putting a dent in your budget. You can give your driveway a modern makeover while still retaining its traditional essence. You can also create your dream outdoor living space where you have a choice to relax or host parties.

But before worrying about your budget though, you need to think first of how you want to use your new space. It will be a lot easier and friendlier to your pockets if you have a clear vision and plan of what you want to get out from it.

Use our guide here on how you can rejuvenate and renovate your space on a budget without the need to jam-pack it with bells and whistles.

Backyard And Patio Budget Renovation Ideas

If you’re like the majority of homeowners, you’d probably want a patio with pillars and a sitting wall, a grill island or an outdoor kitchen, beautiful new landscaping, some cool outdoor lighting, a deck, and even a fireplace or fire pit table.

However, what most homeowners do not realize is that the cost of each of these components will vary greatly depending on how they want to utilize them. For example, you’ll need more space and budget for a traditional lounge set up compared to a sectional seating. So, it’s essential to consider these aspects early on as how you want to enjoy your space will have a drastic impact on your budget.

Once you have an understanding of the purpose of your new backyard or patio, you’re all set to start creating a budget for your outdoor living space project.

Here are some simple and useful ways to enhance the overall look of your backyard and patio if you’re on a budget and need to accomplish this without the need to spend too much:

  1. Define your space
  2. Create a Beautiful Garden Path
  3. Consider a Trellis
  4. Go Vertical
  5. The Beauty of Mulch

1. Define Your Space

Deciding what you and your space need and clearly establishing them can make a huge visual impact. Doing so is also as less costly as rearranging the outdoor ornaments and furniture you already have. You can get some inspiration ideas on defining your space from our friends at Porch.

2. Create A Beautiful Garden Path

If you have an untamed space, you can give it a polished look and bring new life to it by adding a garden path. Instead of using pavers, go for quarter-inch sized crushed rocks instead, which are available in various colors – STONEarch Pebbles can be a perfect fit for this.

To determine the shape of the path, place stakes and then wrap them around with bender board. Lay down at least four or five inches of crushed stones in the color of your choice. Use a plate compactor to flatten your surface. You can rent this equipment from your local home and garden supply shop.

3. Consider A Trellis

Trellises are readily available in garden centers. You’ve probably never considered these architectural features before, but they can provide your yard with an easy and quick accent.

You can create a focal point by simply placing one near the back part of your garden. Or you can even use it as an entrance to your vegetable or flower beds or sitting area. Give it a whimsical look by planting a flowering vine on its sides for a whimsical look.

4. Go Vertical

If you have a flat, massive patio, positioning some boulders throughout your space will give it a bit of dimension. You can arrange them in clusters or arrange them separately. Do not hesitate to cut into your yard to accommodate them, and leave enough room around them where you can plant small shrubs or bright perennials.

5. The Beauty Of Mulch

Think of mulch as a carpet for your backyard. You can provide your outdoor area with a unified, elegant, and finished look by laying mulch of the same color on all exposed soil and flowerbeds in your garden. Another benefit you can get out from mulch is that it can block weeds that eat up the nutrients needed by your plants.

Budget Renovation Ideas For Your Driveway

Aside from functionality, a driveway that leads to your home also adds beauty to it. For this reason, it is a smart move on your part to consider creating the best design for your driveway that will glorify it visually without hurting your bank account.

You can uplift your space with the following driveway design ideas that are both interesting and cost-effective:

  1. Nature’s Touch
  2. Decorative Borders and Gateways
  3. A Gravel Driveway
  4. Use Brick Pavers
  5. Risden-bound Surface

1. Nature’s Touch

Adding natural earth and landscaping plants in your driveway can help create a better impression. Not only will increase its appeal, but it’ll also provide your family with a connection to the natural environment.

One of the cheapest ways to give your driveway a new design when to retain its stability during renovation is combining compacted earth with aggregates. Also, placing some flower pots and plants from your driveway to your home can add a lovely charm to the whole surroundings. If you need a place to hold your plants and don’t have the budget to redo your entire driveway, you can consider designing a space with Copings and Sandstone Pier Caps to create a section where you can highlight your plants and flower pots.

2. Decorative Borders and Gateways

In terms of architecture, you can’t undermine you home and driveway’s aesthetic and traditional values. You can improve your modification without spending too much by including a traditional gateway and adding decorative borders beside it. The style of the will depend on your preference, but whatever you choose, make sure it can also protect your home from unwanted visitors aside from increasing its view.

3. A Gravel Driveway

If you want something modern that creates an interesting statement, one of the cheapest options you have is adding shiny gravel along your driveway’s entire path. Although this design idea is old, it carries out a lively and classy approach to driveway designing.

4. Use Brick Pavers

Using brick pavers in restoring your driveway is another old idea, but today’s brick pavers have been incorporated with a modern touch. Implementing your rounder, curved, or straight driveway with a brick paver design will give it an artistic and timeless look.

5. Resin-Bound Surface

Another cheap driveway design option is making the surface of your driveway resin-bound and including it with aggregates stones which come in various colors. Choose the color which you think will best complement your surface design, and then let it laid fully on your asphalt base used in fixing the resin on your driveway. It’s highly durable and can last you for up to three decades without incurring much damage no matter how frequently you use it.

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