Budget Natural Stones For Landscape

Budget Natural Stones For Landscape
September 20, 2022
Budget Natural Stones For Landscape

Designing a beautiful and functional outdoor space with a patio doesn't have to drain your bank account. There are several budget-friendly options to consider when selecting patio pavers that will maintain quality and style.

When deciding on the right patio material, factors like cost, durability, style, and ease of installation (mainly for DIY projects) play a crucial role. We've compiled a list of some of the most affordable patio stones to help you in your project:

1. Natural Stone

STONEarch Black Limestone

Natural stones are not only stunning but also remarkably durable. They are scratch-resistant, weather naturally to a non-slip surface, and stand the test of time. While natural stone may have a slightly higher upfront cost than plain concrete slabs, its longevity and low maintenance make it a wise investment. Natural stones age gracefully, even in harsh weather conditions, and are less likely to crack or disintegrate over time. So, when considering the cheapest patio stones, factor in the initial price, quality, and long-term value. 

The Black Limestone, from the STONEarch natural stones collection, stands out as an affordable and popular choice.

2. Pebbles
STONEarch Black Pebble

Pebbles are a cost-effective, versatile, and low-maintenance option for your outdoor patio, with the added benefits of easy installation and a natural, charming appearance. These low-cost landscape materials require minimal setup or hardening, making them ideal for DIY projects. Pebble patios can take on any shape you desire and can last a lifetime with proper care. 

Explore our polished pebbles available in either 1-ton bags or individual 25-kg bags for added value.

3. Armour Rock

Armour Rock Retaining Wall

Armour rock is another economical choice for your patio. This naturally quarried stone is tough and can withstand erosion and everyday wear. Available in various shapes and sizes, these stones allow you to create striking features like entrances, retaining walls, and rock gardens. Armour rock complements natural stones like STONEarch Slate Gray and STONEarch Dove, making it a versatile and budget-friendly option.

4. Concrete
Concrete Patio

Plain-poured concrete slabs are among the most affordable patio stones. While they may seem unexciting, you can opt for stamped patterns or use coloring agents to achieve a more natural appearance. Concrete is known for its clean and consistent look. However, Proper care is essential for concrete patios to prevent fading, cracking, and wear over time. While they offer versatility, they may require replacement after 5-10 years of use. It requires regular maintenance, including reapplying coatings every few years to maintain its color. It's best suited for frost-free regions where temperatures don't drop below freezing.

5. Bricks

For a classic and timeless look, consider brick patio stones. Salvaged bricks, in particular, can be more budget-friendly and eco-friendly. They may even offer a unique rustic appearance, though they're often priced at a premium due to their character. Brick patios provide good drainage. They are porous, allowing water to flow easily and preventing erosion. However, they may break or crack under extreme conditions and are limited in color. Despite this, arranging bricks in various patterns can create a distinctive and appealing look for traditional and rustic homes. If you're working on a project for a traditional, rustic home, the timeless cobblestone appearance is a superb choice.

STONEarch Cobblestone

Selecting the right patio pavers involves considering your budget, maintenance preferences, and the desired look for your outdoor space. With these budget-friendly options, you can create an attractive and functional patio without exceeding your financial constraints. Remember that investing in durability and longevity can save you money in the long run.

Contact our support team for expert advice. We are here to provide comprehensive answers based on our expertise as promptly as possible.

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