Curb Appeal Comprehensive Guide

Curb Appeal Comprehensive Guide
May 23, 2023
Curb Appeal Comprehensive Guide

For those who are looking into selling or renting out fully furnished properties, it is important to note that both functionality and aesthetics are hardly negotiable. The house or commercial space should be ready to be immediately moved into or used, and prospective buyers must be able to sense this at first glance. That being said, it is important for the structure to be durable and visually appealing, even from an exterior perspective.

Considering how prospective buyers and renters consider these things important, sellers and property owners must take these things into account as well. Homes and commercial spaces could have a good outdoor patio, kitchen, or living space tiled with natural stone pavers or designed with other outdoor landscape additions. These spaces should be well-kept and maintained in order to exude such functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

Generally, all of these fall under one huge property factor that every property owner or seller should take into account: curb appeal. 

What is Curb Appeal? 

Curb appeal refers to how a prospective buyer perceives a house’s or property’s general attractiveness from the exterior or sidewalk. It is a vital real estate factor that helps in determining a property’s appraised value and also filters market segmentation. Realtors often use this term when it comes to evaluating and selling properties. 

Homes that have excellent curb appeal would look attractive to anyone who passes by the property from the street or sidewalk. In itself, the property already presents itself in a certain way. Whether this way is beneficial or not is what property owners and sellers should think about. 

Curb Appeal Efforts in Canada 

There have been several efforts to boost curb appeal across the country. Several properties, for instance, have outdoor walkways paved with granite or slate. Others may also have landscapes, driveways, patios, kitchens, and gardens in their front yard. 

More specifically, different cities across Canada have executed efforts of their own to boost curb appeal. In 2009, in Toronto, for instance, the Toronto Community Housing launched a curb appeal project worth $1 million. The project supported the organization’s goal to keep valuable space through fund allocation to specifically cater to the aesthetics of communities. At present, when it comes to selling properties across Toronto, curb appeal undeniably sets the bar. 

Vaughan also deeply acknowledges curb appeal. In fact, every property across the country gets visited by dedicated volunteers who look into and evaluate the property according to certain criteria. These efforts are implemented in order to recognize establishments and homes that showcase remarkable effort and pride in property maintenance. 

Similar curb appeal cases can also be observed across Montréal, Brampton, Vancouver, and other cities. Curb appeal is undeniably valued and prioritized in these areas. 

On the contrary, property owners and sellers who take curb appeal for granted are missing out on what the property’s value can actually be. Because of poor curb appeal, prospective buyers may be turned off by the property, or the property’s price may not be as high as one wants it to be. 

While there is more to curb appeal, these are all contributing factors to how the property is appraised. This also just goes to show how important it is for property owners and sellers to take curb appeal into account. 

Sunsite Granite

What Factors Affect a Property’s Curb Appeal? 

There are several factors that may affect a property’s curb appeal in a positive or negative manner. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

  • Functional outdoor spaces 
  • Front door and lobby
  • Paint and siding 
  • Maintenance  

Functional Outdoor Spaces 

Adding functional outdoor spaces to the outdoor landscape will undoubtedly affect a property’s curb appeal. This may be a driveway or walkway, or an outdoor patio, pool deck, or kitchen. 

All of these outdoor additions would significantly make the property more appealing at first glance. Things would get even better if premium materials, such as limestone or travertine natural stone pavers, were used for such outdoor landscapes. 

Front Door and Lobby

The home’s front door and lobby are basically the face of the structure. All prospective buyers who would want to give the property a deeper look will end up passing through this area. Given this, it is hard to ignore how important they are in boosting or reducing a property’s curb appeal. 

Hence, if getting an entire makeover is not possible, uplifting the front door would do wonders for curb appeal. Even just adding a small hanging design to the door or giving it a fresh coat of paint could work wonders. It’d be even better if the entranceway could be tiled with elegant pavers. 

Paint and siding 

The paint or siding of a structure could also make or break its impression. Chipped paint or moldy siding may make prospective buyers frown upon the property even if sellers and owners know that they have more to offer beyond these first impressions. To keep prospective buyers interested, both paint and siding should not be taken for granted. 

A fresh layer of paint can be added or walls can be filled with other durable materials that can uplift the overall look. 


Though all of these aspects of the outdoor space are vital for making or breaking curb appeal, each installation would be rendered useless if it is not well-maintained. Lawns should be regularly mowed; outdoor functional spaces should be regularly cleaned. All of this must be done to ensure that the area’s functionality can be attested with a mere glance. 

How Do Natural Stone Pavers Boost Curb Appeal 

While all of these make or break a property’s curb appeal, making use of premium outdoor landscaping materials can also do wonders for a property’s value. Natural stone pavers, specifically, can offer such value. 

Stone pavers of sandstone and limestone, for instance, can immediately elevate the look of one’s outdoor landscape. A plain area can be transformed completely into something elegant and classy. With higher elegance comes higher appraisal value. That being said, it is no wonder that natural stone pavers boost curb appeal. 

On top of reeking visual appeal and elegance, natural stone pavers are known to last remarkably long and withstand harsh and extreme outdoor conditions. Its durability is another strong selling point that may boost the property’s curb appeal and overall property. Prospective buyers would be enticed by aesthetics that are not just appealing but that can last remarkably long and endure extreme circumstances. 

Silver Valley Limestone

Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal With STONEarch Natural Stone Pavers 

Considering all of these, curb appeal is one aspect of the property that owners and sellers cannot afford to miss out on. Hence, before putting a price and marketing the property for sale or rent, it is important to first exert efforts to boost the overall curb appeal. 

That being said, for those who are looking to revamp their outdoor space before making it available to the market, choose to boost your property’s curb appeal with natural stone pavers of STONEarch. Our premium collection of pavers will enable you to prioritize durability and appeal while leaving space for creativity. 

Contact us if you are looking into boosting your curb appeal before marketing your property.

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