How to Use Walling Veneers to Add Warmth to Fireplaces and Outdoor Living Areas

How to Use Walling Veneers to Add Warmth to Fireplaces and Outdoor Living Areas
September 21, 2022
How to Use Walling Veneers to Add Warmth to Fireplaces and Outdoor Living Areas

As they say, first impressions last. And this is also true when it comes to your home and its outdoor living and fireplace areas. We usually entertain our guests in our outdoor living space. Meanwhile, it’s always nice to have everyone around the fireplace during cold nights. Hence, making these areas as cozy and inviting as possible is vital.

You can easily create a warm and comfortable yet stylish fireplace and outdoor living spaces with STONEarch Walling Veneers. Whether you want a luxurious patio or simply accentuate your fireplace, pool, or outdoor kitchen, our walling stone veneer is the answer. It’ll be effortless to bring the indoors out and achieve a stunning outdoor living area where friends and family can gather for some lasting memories.

What’s more, stone veneers will not only improve the aesthetics of your space. The building material can also add value to your home, like all other natural stone products. With that in mind, here are ways on how to use walling veneers to add warmth to fireplaces and outdoor living areas.

STONEarch Midnight Walling Veneers
Midnight Walling Veneer Corner

Outdoor Fireplace

You can enjoy your backyard during the cooler months with an outdoor stone firepit or fireplace area. Without a doubt, this is a cozy place for the entire family to hangout. Thanks to the beautiful walling veneer detailing, it gets even more comfortable. These landscaping materials are the best accessory for any backyard, from chic and modern to traditional and rustic design style.

An outdoor fireplace outfitted with stone veneers can provide your backyard with a warm and relaxing ambiance. You can easily execute the look you have in mind with one of our products, such as STONEarch Honey Walling Veneer. If you want to get that private mountain lodge feel on your space, you may want to add some stacked natural stone featured walls.

STONEarch Honey Walling Veneers
Honey Walling Veneer Fireplace

Outdoor Firepit

Another great fire feature to add to your outdoor living area is a firepit. Your family or guests can have so much fun gathered around it sharing stories while roasting s’mores.

One of the reasons why wall stone veneer is the best option for firepits and fireplaces is because it can withstand some heat. When choosing walling veneers for your standalone fire feature, consider opting for something that goes well with the exterior of your home. Our natural stone cladding are available in various finishes, including flamed finish, sandblasted, natural top, and antique finish.

Outdoor Pool

Incorporating your outdoor pool with stone cladding can take it to the next level. It can provide your refreshing pool area with a more relaxing ambiance. You can use it as a water feature, a feature wall, or a retaining wall. Aside from looking like a natural part of your home’s exterior, it will surely grab the attention of everyone.

Honey Walling Veneer Pool Fountain
Honey Walling Veneer Pool Fountain

Outdoor Kitchen

Do you enjoy cooking outside? An outdoor kitchen with the right design allows you to practically do what you love the entire year. And when it comes to revamping any outdoor kitchen space, our walling veneer is a popular option.

Because of its timeless charm and durability, it’s the best choice to use for updating your grill or bar area or renovating your outdoor cooking area. On top of that, we have a variety of color and style options to turn your vision into reality, from contemporary to traditional. For a warm and classic look, consider using our Walling Rustic Slate.

Landscape Design

Give your garden area a little warmth with a landscape design that incorporates stone veneer. There are many ways you can make your landscape stand out. Building a water feature constructed with Walling Midnight by STONEarch or stone planters can add warmness, height, and depth to your space. Also, this is an excellent way of matching the stones used in your home’s exterior and interior.

Midnight Walling Veneers Fountain
Midnight Walling Veneer Fountain

Outdoor Dining Space

With stone veneer planters and walls as the backdrop of your outdoor dining area, your casual dinner parties will have a cozier and more relaxing ambiance. Aside from providing natural texture to the design of your al fresco dining, a walling veneer feature offers a distinct focal point to it.

3 Reasons to Use Stone for Walling Veneers

1. Natural Aesthetic

Walling stone and veneer deliver a natural and authentic appeal that looks amazing outdoors. An outdoor dining area with stone cladding walls will have a striking facade which you can’t achieve using other materials.

2. Durable

Like with our other natural stone products, our walling veneers are highly durable. They can withstand the harsh weather conditions of North America better than most landscaping materials on the market. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to chipping and breaking. They are also fire-resistant, adding an additional safety element to your outdoor area.

3. Versatile

You can use walling veneers in different landscaping projects around your home. Our products are easy to install and come in different colors and sizes to suit your needs, taste, and style.

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