Important Questions To Ask Your Natural Stone Supplier

Important Questions To Ask Your Natural Stone Supplier
July 30, 2020
Important Questions To Ask Your Natural Stone Supplier
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One of the most popular landscape materials for both commercial and residential use is natural stone. It is widely used in all sorts of indoor and outdoor projects, from steps and flooring to decorative walling stones and for enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

Natural stones come in a wide variety of stunning colours and possess unique characteristics that you won’t find in any other landscape material. They offer numerous creative features for architects, contractors, and homeowners alike.

However, most people do not truly understand how to pick high-quality natural stones. Likewise, they have no idea how to choose a reliable wholesaler with the right knowledge of various products.

No matter what landscaping project you’re planning, it’s vital to ensure that you’re sourcing your stone materials from a reputable natural stone supplier. Aside from the stone’s quality, the service of each supplier will vary as well.

Here are the important questions to ask your natural stone supplier:

Where Do You Usually Source Your Natural Stone Products?

STONEarch Quarry Site
STONEarch Quarry Site

The distinct quality of natural stone will widely depend on the region where it is sourced. For instance, Moderno Beige is a neutral limestone most commonly found in Spain. It will not have the same authentic feel if it comes from other parts of the world. And although you can find natural stones in almost every corner of the globe, their quality will not be the same.

That’s what makes STONEarch different from other natural stone suppliers out there. You can find our quarries all over the world equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment. We also travel from east to west to provide you with the finest and most premium natural stone products for your projects.

Our sourcing team has 20+ years of experience in hand-selecting and curating the most elite collection of natural stones designed specifically for our North American climate.

How Do You Manufacture Your Products?

STONEarch Quarry Site 2
STONEarch Quarry Site

The manufacturing process of natural stone, from quarrying to the end product, is extensive. Stone products are mined based on their value, structure, and type.

Blasting is the oldest and the most harmful method in terms of the rock’s extraction and processing. This method sends shock waves to the structure of the rock. As a result, it creates fine aggregates in stones like granite. Hence, it’s only utilised for emergency purposes.

Another quarrying method is by applying modern expanding foam and drilling holes, which separates the stone gently. This also avoids microcracks and is more cost-effective.

When searching for the best natural stone supplier, make sure that they provide you with plenty of information about how their products are manufactured and the stone itself. This will help you in narrowing down your choices and making the right decision for your landscape project.

Do You Have A Comprehensive Product Collection?

STONEarch Yard
STONEarch Yard

Most suppliers source their stone products from other wholesalers. Building and landscaping projects involve plenty of moving components. There are times when you choose rare materials that other companies cannot provide. Hence, it’s crucial to opt for a natural stone supplier that has an extensive colour selection.

Fortunately, you can find more than 250 products and over 1000 SKUs at STONEarch, allowing you to create exquisite landscapes and masonry construction projects. We have a wide selection of premium landscaping stones to help turn your vision into reality. Simply contact us at any time, and our team will assist you in any way they can.

Can You Deliver My Orders In A Timely Manner?

STONEarch Delivery 1
STONEarch provides a hassle-free and on time delivery of your materials

Any project, no matter how big or small, can dramatically develop. And not having quick access to the materials you need can put a halt on your project. For this reason, you must work with a wholesaler that stocks enough supply of your choice of natural stone.

STONEarch is the largest wholesale distributor of natural stone products in North America. Our headquarters holds more than 1 million square feet of natural stone pavers, copings, steps, BBQ slabs, pillar caps, and a complete range of all products. This helps us ensure prompt delivery to all customers so they can get their projects completed on time and within budget.

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