Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Tips for Installation

Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Tips for Installation
May 26, 2023
Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Tips for Installation

Countertops are vital outdoor kitchen essentials. Regardless of the kitchen size, having a kitchen counter offers some room and stability for even the simplest and easiest meal preparations. Without this vital space, equipment and dishes end up getting messily stacked over the stove, sink, or kitchen table. 

On top of offering valuable functionality, these countertops also serve as a vital focal point in the kitchen. Upon first glance at the kitchen, it is hard to bypass the kitchen countertop, showing how essential they are when it comes to kitchen evaluation. Though this may not be a serious consideration for some, it is especially important for those who want to boost their property’s value. 

Given this, it is no wonder that many homes have invested in loose, spacious, and quality kitchen countertops. Some households incorporate natural stone slabs, such as those made of granite, into these countertops to boost the countertop’s appeal on top of functionality and durability. Using such premium materials for these vital kitchen features is a good option for those who want to achieve durability, aesthetics, and functionality at once. 

Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Now, for those who are planning their outdoor kitchen or need a new countertop, here are ideas and plans to guide the process. While there are many ways to proceed with the development, using natural stone, specifically, is a great way to proceed with the countertop project. 

However, it is important to know that though natural stone, in general, may pull off durability and aesthetics, each one has something different to offer. With that, here are some cool outdoor kitchen countertop ideas using natural stone that are worth considering.

  • Elite granite 
  • Sophisticated limestone 
  • Strong basalt  
  • Earthy sandstone

Elite Granite 

Natural stones like granite have the power to offer a unique, high-end, and elite appeal to kitchen countertops. Granite exudes a marble-looking appearance, making it pull off classy and elite themes. 

Not to mention, granite is also considered one of the toughest natural stones out there due to its remarkable resistance to scratches and heat. This makes the material ideal for applying to high-traffic surfaces, including kitchen countertops. 

Sophisticated Limestone 

Being an incredibly popular natural stone, limestone is known to boost the value of any space. Its deluxe appearance and sophistication are widely acknowledged, making it an increasingly popular choice for homes. 

Like other natural stones, durable limestone slabs can be applied to kitchen countertops. While limestone can come in varied colors, its medium and dark silver tones add a special beauty to the kitchen. In fact, it is considered a good visual match for professional kitchenware and fixtures made of stainless steel. 

Indus Gray Limestone

Strong Basalt 

The natural color of basalt gives it a very strong and robust hue, making it ideal for modern and classic kitchen countertops. Usually available in varying gray tones and hues, basalt demonstrates rugged yet elegant beauty. Its strong and straightforward hue can add vibrancy to a neutral and minimalist area without compromising the area’s overall look. 

Basalt slabs share the same durability as granite but also offer the consistent coloration, markings, and elegance of limestone. It is one of the world’s strongest natural stones that can withstand the tests and trials of time. Not to mention, this stone is incredibly resilient to scratches and cracks. 

Earthy Sandstone

For kitchens and homes that would like to pull off an earthy theme or tone, sandstone can work wonders. Its brownish or beige hue brings the color of nature into the cooking space. 

Sandstone has long been used in the world of construction and buildings. It has also been incorporated into artistic and decorative applications. The natural stone’s unique touch offers a natural appearance to the space in a way that does not leave the area looking plain. 

While granite, limestone, basalt, and sandstone are all ideal stone slabs for the kitchen countertop, there are also other premium natural stones, such as slate and travertine, that can work well in such kinds of applications. Each natural stone has something unique to offer. 

Installation Tips 

Now, when it comes to kitchen countertops, installation is also a vital step of the entire planning and execution process. While the exact installation process may vary depending on the slab material to be used, there are some general things to keep in mind before and as the kitchen countertop installation process goes on. 

Though it is better to entrust the entire process to professionals, there are also some things that homeowners should do. With that, here are some key tips to consider. 

  • Carefully measure the counter space 
  • Remove existing countertops and clear out the necessary spaces
  • Contact a professional installer  

Carefully Measure the Counter Space 

The importance of getting the dimensions right cannot be stressed enough. Hence, homeowners and project developers should not compromise the evaluation and measurements of the counter. 

Kitchen countertop sizes may vary from home to home. Hence, before ordering those natural stone slabs, it is important to get the measurements right. The exact lengths from the edges to the wall must be measured. If a sink is already present, it is also important to consider the sink’s dimensions. 

For homes with complex kitchens, such as U-shaped ones, it may be necessary to get a professional to do the job. 

Remove Existing Countertops and Clear Out the Necessary Spaces

Prior to the installation of the new slabs, existing countertops and laminates must be removed. Some homeowners can do this on their own, or they can tap a professional to do it for them. 

It is also important to ensure that the kitchen is cleared out before the installation starts. Clearing out walkways and pathways may also be necessary, especially if the slabs to be installed are heavy ones. Anything and everything that may disrupt the installation needs to be transferred until the new slabs are installed securely. 

Onyx Black

Contact a Professional Installer 

While installing the kitchen countertop may seem like an easy DIY feat to pull off, it actually requires specialized skills and expertise. Not everyone has the knowledge and expertise to install these features. 

Moreover, cost-cutting efforts may end up being counterproductive if they are made by individuals who do not have the necessary specialized skills. If haphazard attempts lead to poor outcomes, costs for development may end up doubling. 

Not to mention, there are also specialized tools that need to be used in the installation process. Professionals undoubtedly have these tools and know how to use them proficiently and efficiently. Having the right tools is vital for the kitchen countertop to be safely and properly installed. 

Choose STONEarch Natural Stone For Your Kitchen Countertops 

If you are planning to add a new kitchen countertop or refurbish your current one, STONEarch natural stone slabs might just be the right fit. Our quality slabs for kitchen countertops will help you achieve your dream kitchen. Contact us to learn more about our natural stone collection. 

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