Landscaping 101 for Winter

Landscaping 101 for Winter
January 13, 2022
Landscaping 101 for Winter

If you’re also worried about your patio, garden or backyard having zero appeal during the winters, it’s time we turn it around. We get it, the snow and frost can put all your decor plans for a toss with dull winter hues of gray, white, and brown making your home look a little blah. But you don’t need to worry anymore, STONEarch has some tips and ideas for landscaping a dull backyard to make it lively and energetic during this cold season. Revamp your home with landscaping so gorgeous, it drives all the winter blues away.

#1. The Eternal Magic of Evergreen


Evergreens really come into their own in the winter landscape. The dark foliage helps balance a snow-covered lawn, and they can be especially handy if you are creating a “walkway” of stepping stones or access to your front door. Evergreens are a lot like your dependable old denim jacket — they’re ever-present in December and January. They persevere through snowstorms without getting damaged by heavy, wet snow. They add lush color to the drab winter landscape when other plants have gone dormant. Evergreens, such as holly, boxwood, and Chamaecyparis (a type of false cypress) work well as containers outside because they tend to be leafless for long periods of time, making them ideal for bringing life to your front entryway or patio during the heart of winter. You can outline your greens with classic black and white pebbles from STONEarch to accentuate the details and make them look more aesthetic.

#2. Christmas Lights For a Merry Decor

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly – add Christmas Lights to your lawn or home exterior! Adding Christmas lights to your lawn or home exterior can give it a much-required boost of holiday cheer and make for an instant WOW factor. Maybe you’re looking for ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank? No problem. You can do so in no time, with just a few simple steps, creative installation techniques and best LED strings lights available online. Adding an easy-to-maintain yet classic turf can provide your porch with a much needed green tint to the otherwise pale white and gray palette. STONEarch offers high-quality artificial grass turfs and white & black landscaping pebbles to accentuate your lighting and give your home a gorgeous outdoor look.

#3. The Good Old Hardscape

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Stone archways and stone arbors are wonderful features for any garden. Adding a stone bench made with simple yet classy STONEarch jumbo stone slabs is an easy way to incorporate some depth and personality to a large blank area. There is just something about the craftsmanship of a well-made stonework feature which complements the existing elements within a garden setting. They bring a nice touch of grandeur to a home and fit in seamlessly with any home style. Other hardscape elements such as a trellis or a winter birdhouse elevate the appearance of your outdoor space. Their subtle presence adds just a touch of human structure to an otherwise natural area, and their fine details create close-up intrigue.

#4. Add Elegance with Fountain or a Garden Sculpture


You know that a real winter wonderland begins with white and gorgeous snow. There is something invaluable about the way it transforms nature into a miniaturesque fantasy land. The addition of stone garden sculptures or stone fountains intensifies that appearance, as they are created to last generations and can add personality to a garden or backyard. With their timeless appeal and rustic charm, our stone garden sculptures and waterless fountains are ideal for any home. They offer a truly stunning focal point that will have visitors asking your secret for making your gardens look so good. Building a feature wall or a fire pit with STONEarch’s wall stone veneers in Veneer Corn Silk, Walling Honey Slate, and Midnight Walling Veneer colors can add a rustic, vintage charm to your outdoor decor in one easy go.

#5. Put Those Summer Containers to Some Good Use

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When most people think of containers, they immediately think of spring and summer because they’re filled with colorful blooms. You’ve maybe seen containers like these pop up in the spring and summer, usually lining the front porch or lining the walkway to your door. But these containers are way more versatile than their season-bound brethren. By changing out the plant, you can give your outdoor space a fresh feeling in any season. A good container needs a solid, structurally sound base so that it doesn’t topple over easily in wind, rain or snow. If you don’t have the space for a full garden, a container garden is an excellent way to get your foot in the gardening world.

#6. Vintage Vibes with Boughs and Pine Cones


You want something natural and rustic, but you are tired of the same old look. You want to decorate your porch in a way that makes people feel warm and welcome as they approach your home. Maybe it’s overused, but when I think “home,” what first comes to mind are pine cones and boughs. The simple pine cone is timeless. It has decorated Christmas trees for generations. And now, it will decorate your porch for days to come. Add a vintage vibe to your decor with the age-old boughs and pine cones that bring a nostalgic element to your exteriors.

#7. Add a Rustic Touch with Outdoor Lanterns


Outdoor lanterns are an elegant way to add lighting to your yard and patio. The old-fashioned, cast iron lanterns are still popular for adding a unique charm to the exterior of your home. Or you can opt for a more contemporary approach with aluminum or stainless steel lanterns that may include glass panels and LED candles. All outdoor lanterns are made to withstand the sun and wind, but you can purchase those that have been pretreated to withstand rain, snow and even cold temperatures in case you’ll be placing them outdoors during winter months.

#8. Decorative Entry Mats for a Warm Welcome


Snowflakes, cardinals, snowmen and more—all things that invoke a sense of warmth and winter delight. What better way to welcome guests and have them wipe their snowy boots than with a doormat that’s as inviting as you are. Add a touch of design to your entryway with a well-placed doormat. Not only do they keep your floor safe and clean, even if it rains or snows outside, but also provide an edgy look to your door frame.

#9. Nostalgic Winter Tableau with Snow Equipment


Who wouldn’t love the idea of a vintage winter wonderland on their front door? A great way to subtly add some fun to your welcome mat, while still decorating with a classical elegance. If you already have some skates that are no longer used, you could hang them on the inside of your door. Even if you don’t have any skis that are vintage or old, you can still use this door decoration technique by hanging up a simple pair of wooden or plastic figure skates. A very similar tableau can be created by propping an antique pair of skis or a sleigh up against an entry door. Personal winter artifacts, including battered leather gloves and moose-head ski poles can make the holidays feel more nostalgic, especially if they are family heirlooms. Add a finial touch to the bare columns of your entryway or fence posts with pier caps which also help protect masonry work during rain or snowstorms. STONEarch offers top-notch pier caps in various colors such as Black Limestone, Lavender Sandstone, and Slate Gray among many others for a classy finish.

#10. Pop of Color with Hanging Baskets


Who doesn’t love a pop of color? And what better place to unleash your inner artist than in the entryway? With the arrival of winter, it’s tempting to pack away your hanging baskets and bring out the Christmas decorations. But don’t give up on your baskets just yet. Your planter box is probably one of the largest pieces of decor here, so it’s worth investing some time into finding a winner. How do you find said winner? A little creativity and a lot of trial and error. In fact, if you fill them with evergreen branches, you can have a simple but effective touch of color near the front door all winter long.

#11. DIY Snowman For Some Wintry Fun


Bust out those shovels. Winter is finally here and the snowman is beckoning for you to build him another smiley face. A snowman is a classic decoration that can be used in the winter to brighten up your front garden or inside your home. Many people think of using snowmen as Christmas decorations; however, snowmen can be used all season round! They can be used in different parts of the home and are a great way to decorate exterior areas with a personal, fun touch.

#12. Say it Better with Stylish Outdoor Signs


When holiday lighting season rolls around, you can add a whimsical touch to your home with an eye-catching outdoor sign. Not only do they add that WOW factor to your home, they take your landscaping to another level. You can use old pallets for a rustic look or even use wood or metal for a more modern contemporary appeal. Or better, indulge in some good old DIY and add a personal touch to your decor with hand-made signs. And what better than a natural stone wall from STONEarch to adorn these beautiful signs.

Wrapping Up

While you prepare to decorate your porch and garden with unique, refreshing ideas that bring life to the otherwise dull scenic palette, don’t forget to have fun with it. Remember it’s YOUR home and adding a personal touch to your landscaping can help you bring out your personality with your decor. Another essential tip would be to not ignore the regular raking, snow shoveling and cleaning of your porch as an unexpected snowstorm or a strong gust of cold wind can put all your efforts in vain.

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