Latest Design Trends For Landscape Architects

Latest Design Trends For Landscape Architects
September 25, 2019
Latest Design Trends For Landscape Architects

Landscape design is always changing. And no doubt, architecture is a field that illustrates design evolution. Architectures are constantly thinking of new ways and ideas, as well as exploring the combination of functionality and art. Hence, it leads to a steady stream of trends in the industry.

However, in terms of architectural landscaping, there are no quick and arduous rules. With that in mind, here are the latest design trends for landscape architects worth considering when you want to design a new space or renovate an existing one.

1. Harmony In Design

New homes today are unconventional and unique. They are being built to blend in with the environment that surrounds them. Designing to these types of conditions and parameters is not only challenging but will need innovative thinking. Create intuitive landscapes that form together properly in every aspect of the design. Each element should support one another to achieve your vision.

2. A Touch Of Green

Many homeowners are focusing more on giving their home a greener space. It offers amazing benefits for both your family and the environment.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to combine architectural structures in your space with touches of greens like potted plants. You can also create a lush lawn with different varieties of shrubs and a few trees. Make your garden looked manicured and clean with a pathway, plant box, or steps made of natural stones.

3. Custom Fire Pit

People love to bring inside luxuries to their outdoor space. And what better way to do this by adding a custom fire pit made of beautiful natural landscaping stones. It’s also a great way to extend the night and for entertaining guests. Additionally, it’s the quickest way to give your patio or backyard a new luxurious and yet cozy look.

4. Redesigning Garden Shelters

Forget about your dated garden shelter and redesign it with an attractive more open one. The example above is the perfect way to create the said structure. You can make the natural wood color pop up using a darker shade of landscape stones.

Surround it with a flowerbed and create a pathway in neutral shades, which will look lovely against the greens. The lack of walls will prevent the feeling of being in an enclosed space, and you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor area even more as well.

5. Unique Water Feature

You can bring a calm vibe into your area with a stream, spring, or fountain. Water features typically use a pumping system allowing its water to circulate continuously. Most of these landscape structures are natural and will look even more fantastic when incorporated in walling stones.

6. Improve Your Pool Area With Lighting

Lighting can make your dull pool area stunning at night. It can provide your landscape with twilight scenery, making it a cool entertainment area for special occasions. Although you may not see the colors of your plants, lighting can bring a distinct vibrancy to your space. It can also help set the mood of the overall atmosphere of your pool area at night. Make sure to do your research on which angles are the best to make the most out of your investment.

Final Words

The main focus of the latest design trends for architects is expanding your green space. Considering these will provide you with a comfortable and inviting outdoor living area that beckons creativity.

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