How To Create Modern Landscaping Using Natural Stones

How To Create Modern Landscaping Using Natural Stones
September 11, 2019
How To Create Modern Landscaping Using Natural Stones

Using natural stones is one of the best ways to give your landscape a contemporary appeal. However, most homeowners often overlook their importance when planning their landscaping. These stones have excellent characteristics that can bring out the naturalness of your outdoor space while evoking a modern vibe.

Unlike concrete, these natural materials will bring about a sense of belongingness to your garden. Additionally, they can help anchor the overall feel and look of your landscape. They are highly versatile elements that can add contrast and texture. They also require little upkeep and can serve as long-lasting groundcover.

Which Natural Stone Is Right For My Modern Landscape?

Whatever type of stone you pick can help set the tone of your entire landscaping. River rocks and pebbles can provide warmth, while limestones with modern colours like our Indus Gray can help lighten up shadowy spaces. If you’re going for a minimalistic modern landscape, a granite stone like our New Ebony is the perfect choice.

To see what appeals to you, make sure to check out our project gallery for inspiration. Natural stones are very durable and they will last almost a lifetime, so it’s vital that you’re happy with your choice.

A Striking Stepping Stone Pathway

Create a stunning focal point with your pathway by using a limestone with modern neutral tones like our Moderno Beige landscaping stone. Its cream and beige hues will make the greens in your space standout and creates visual interest.

Curb Appeal

Use natural stones to prevent those pesky grass from growing and stealing water from your plants. Not only will it get rid of your weed problem, but it can also add a lovely curb appeal to your property.

Use Pebbles Instead Of Mulch

Mulch may be less costly than pebbles, but the latter presents several benefits when used as ground cover. Aside from their durability, you don’t have to replace them each season like mulch. Also, they will last you a lifetime.

Moreover, white pebbles offer a beautiful contrast against your deep-colored plants while brightening up the dark corners of your garden. On the other hand, black pebbles are perfect for highlighting any dark or neutral-colored walling stones as seen on the image above.

A Unique Centerpiece

A large boulder with unusual shape can add an attention-seeking focal point to your modern garden. If your garden is small with an unruly ornamental shrub, use a centerpiece that’s low-maintenance and tidy. A large stone in any landscape can create visual appeal to its rather dull border areas.

Your Favorite Spot

We all have our favorite spot in our garden. It’s like a nook where you can relax after a day’s work or have your coffee in the morning. Turn your space into a contemporary and yet comfortable outdoor area by adding a natural stone with a distinctive look like our Alicante Black. Its surface features a velvety tiger skin appearance that will go very well with your modern landscape while preserving the natural ambiance of your space.

Create Textures

Fill the gaps between your pavers with pebbles to create a captivating texture to your landscape. It’s also a great way to cover up any unwanted area in your pathway and prevent grass from growing as well. Additionally, it can add an organic and soft element with plenty of visual interest.


From squares to triangles, and circles to rectangles, these simple shapes are an amazing way to bring structure to any modern landscape design. They can add a clean, modern aesthetic, and allow you to define certain areas in your backyard, as well as create individual designs. For example, rectangular straight-lined stones can lead to your doorsteps as shown above. Do not just reserve geometry for ground covers, they can also be showcased in your plants.

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