Natural Stone Guide: All About Granite And Its Uses

Natural Stone Guide: All About Granite And Its Uses
April 20, 2020
Natural Stone Guide: All About Granite And Its Uses

Granite is one of the most popular and widely used natural stones today in landscape, architecture, and decoration. It’s the perfect landscape material for heavily-used surfaces such as outdoor pavings and BBQ kitchen countertops.

You’ll likely see the tough landscaping stone just about anywhere, from buildings and monuments to walkway pavings and driveways. It comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors that can complement nearly any aesthetic. It’s a material that can provide your projects not only with quality but elegance as well.

What Is Granite?

Granites are igneous, crystalline rocks, and considered as one of the hardest natural stones. They are formed far below the earth’s mantle through a combination of pressure and intense heat.

For this reason, they are highly resistant to scratches and heat. Thus, these stones are perfect for your kitchen countertop, vanity top, floors, and so much more. Granite is a practical solution for any interior and exterior designs ideas.

These natural stones are produced from numerous quarries all over the world. They also feature intricate veining that will provide the surfaces of your home with a unique and elegant look that will last a lifetime. And since they yield a massive color palette, you can mix and match them to fit the style you have in mind.

The colours of granite include the following:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

Different Types Of Uses For Granite

  • Paving Stone. Granite as stone pavers or pavings will give your patio or driveway an interesting and colorful look. The natural stone is a beautiful blend of skillful design and craftsmanship that produces a distinctive and lasting finish. The picture above showcases our Sunset granite pavers.
  • Granite Tiles. You can use granite tiles as walling and flooring for that high-luster, classic space.
  • Copings. Given the strength of granite, copings using our New Ebony and Gray granite are very popular options to put around your pool. We can provide them in different finishes including rock-faced and straight-edge. Most modern design themes prefer using straight edge copings around pools.
  • Crushed Granite. Crushed granite comes in lovely colors, making them perfect for your planters or as landscape stone.
  • Building Stone. Granite used as blocks can either be finished on one or several sides and rock-faced (rough) all over. You can also combine the surfaces to create a decorative aesthetic.
  • Countertops. Granite is most commonly used in homes as kitchen countertops. You can customize its edge finish and shape to fit well with your interior design.
  • Curbing. Curbs are often built using granite because the material is more durable than concrete. Additionally, it gives street curbs with a more beautiful appearance.
  • Facing Stone. You can use these landscape materials as a decorative veneer or facing and structural element on larger construction projects.

Interesting Facts About Granite

  • Granites are the primary element making up the continental crust of our planet.
  • Granite natural stone is one of the toughest materials in the world.
  • Each piece of granite comes with a unique color and pattern. Their compositions and formations are different, so every slab varies in the veining and design. However, some granites are more consistent than others.
  • Granites can endure temperatures up to 100 °C.
  • The rarest granite color in the world is red and blue. Their production is quite limited as well.  
  • Egyptians were the first to utilize granite as building material for their obelisks and temples.
  • Granite landscaping stones do not contain chemicals or emit toxic gases, making them eco-friendly. Their quarrying and production processes are also done responsibly.
  • Granites are renewable resources, and you can reuse them for all kinds of flooring and cladding.

Why Should I Choose Granite?

Granite has inherent strength. It can also resist abrasion and has superb weathering durability, making it the best pavement and exterior cladding material. Additionally, the natural stone can take years and years of abuse and still maintain its beauty. This means that granite will not stain from salt, moss, leaves, or other chemicals.

A light rainfall or wash will easily clean all granite, returning them to their natural beauty. None of our granite pavers need to be sealed after installation, and this zero-maintenance attribute is a significant advantage for many of our customers.

Granite landscaping stones are available in a wide array of striking colors. Its longevity and durability makes it ideal on any surface in your home that receives heavy traffic, such as paving, BBQ countertops, and around the pool.

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