Natural Stone Steps: Timeless and Long-Lasting

Natural Stone Steps: Timeless and Long-Lasting
June 16, 2020
Natural Stone Steps: Timeless and Long-Lasting
Natural Stone Steps Black Granite

Natural stone steps are not only beautiful but can add personality and charm to your property. Likewise, it’ll give your landscape a subtle luxurious feel to it that no other landscaping material can. Moreover, steps made from STONEarch natural stones are long-lasting and can withstand Canada’s harsh weather conditions.

No matter the style you have in mind for your landscape project, you can create an impressive focal point and a bold statement with natural stone steps. What’s more, stone steps are also an excellent option if you want to enhance the entrance of your backyard. They’re also the perfect addition to your garden to emphasize your property’s natural feel and look.

Why Should I Choose Natural Stone Steps Over Other Materials?

Natural Stone Steps Limestone
Natural Stone Steps Limestone

The majority of landscape architects and contractors use natural stone steps to add more dimension to their projects. It’s the most practical solution when your property needs steps to give it a little movement. That’s because natural stone steps are aesthetically pleasing, durable, functional, and elegant.

Moreover, they are not as intrusive in comparison to concrete or wooden steps. On top of that, natural stone steps can provide your outdoor space with a dimensional depth that other materials cannot offer. Also, with the right design and natural stone step material, the entire look of your outdoor space will not only improve, but the overall value of your property will increase as well.

Additionally, STONEarch natural stones are available in a wide range of textures, finishes, shapes, and sizes. Hence, it’s easy to find a stone suitable for the style of your home. All our stone steps are a solid, single block of stone. This makes them virtually indestructible and also very heavy, reducing the chances of any shifting from freeze-thaw cycles or heaving from unstable gravel/soil underneath. Unlike concrete steps that are made with multiple pieces, our natural stone steps will maintain their timeless character.

Benefits Of Natural Stone Steps

Natural Stone Steps Brown
Natural Stone Steps Brown

Aside from its timeless charm and beautiful looks, here are some of the benefits of natural stone steps:

Long-lasting. Natural stones are one of the toughest landscape materials you can use in steps construction. Just look at the stunning ruined castles with natural stone steps around the world that have survived the test of time.

Adds value. The long-lasting and classic, handsome appeal of natural stone steps is an excellent way of adding value to your property. They’re a statement piece that will surely impress your guests.

Less maintenance. Unlike other materials, your natural stone steps will not splinter or rot. Likewise, it will not wear out. You only need to sweep and mop it often to maintain its pristine condition. Occasional resealing may also be required to protect them from scratches and stains.

Fireproof. Aside from its strength and reliability, natural stones are entirely fireproof.

Versatile. STONEarch natural steps are extremely versatile. We create our products using the best and most advanced carving and cutting tools. This means that we can create natural stone steps that can fit whatever style you’re after, from modern ones with sleek lines to traditional-looking steps.

Aesthetics. Steps for landscaping are also available in the same colours to match our stone pavers and copings, meaning you can achieve a single, unified look throughout your project. Many landscape suppliers and stone dealers will sell stone steps as they are versatile enough to work well with stone pavers, concrete unit-pavers, or asphalt driveways.

Best Natural Stone Step Materials

Natural Stone Steps Sandstone
Natural Stone Steps Sandstone

Granite. STONEarch granite stone steps are very popular because of how it can carry out an entirely new look to your surroundings. Granite steps are the most suitable options for higher-end residential projects or used as stone steps for commercial projects.

Limestone. STONEarch limestone stone steps are very tough and have a surface with a fine-grained texture.

Sandstone. STONEarch sandstone stone steps are available in a variety of colours and have a natural, rugged appearance. Similar to all our outdoor natural stone, they are time-tested and weatherproof as well.

Regardless of the material you pick, natural stone steps can make your landscape even more dramatic. Choosing to use STONEarch natural stones will provide your home with endless possibilities. If you want to learn more, simply contact us and let’s start planning your next landscape project.

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