New Product Alert: Authorized Distributors of Porcea Stone’s Elite Collection

New Product Alert: Authorized Distributors of Porcea Stone’s Elite Collection
March 21, 2021
New Product Alert: Authorized Distributors of Porcea Stone’s Elite Collection

Here at STONEarch, we always try our best to deliver products of the utmost quality combined with tremendous value to our customers. This is just one of the many reasons why STONEarch is known as one of the most trusted and reliable natural stone wholesalers and suppliers in North America. Along with that, we have established ourselves in the industry as the benchmark when it comes to product innovation. We are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to new products and offering our customers something different.

As the largest supplier of natural stone in the region, we are always thinking of ways on how we can expand our product range to cater to the demands of our partners. Also, we aim to provide only the best products that can help you create exquisite landscapes and masonry construction projects. That’s why we are delighted to announce that STONEarch is now one of the Authorized Distributors of Porcea Stone’s Elite Collection.

About Porcea Elite Collection

Porcea Seashell Pool Project
Porcea Seashell Pool Project

Porcea Elite Collection is a range of outdoor porcelain tiles that are made in Italy, specifically for our climate here in Canada. Furthermore, unlike other collections of outdoor porcelain tiles that may or may not fit our market, Porcea’s team of experts has hand-curated a set of outdoor porcelain pavers that replicate the most sought after design and aesthetics in the landscape paving market today.

The entire Porcea Elite Collection has been time and weather tested across Europe including countries such as Italy, Russia, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. It has also undergone the same tests in Nordic countries, including Sweden and Denmark.

Reasons To Use Outdoor Porcelain Tiles On Your Next Project

Porcea Stone Porcea Greige 2
Porcea Stone Porcea Greige

Although the idea of using outdoor porcelain tiles for landscaping is something new in Canada, there’s no denying that it is an excellent product. In fact, its technical specifications are far more superior to concrete and other landscaping materials.

As one of the first companies to bring imported natural stone to Canada, STONEarch has been a leader in product innovation for over 2 decades. We have been closely watching the revolution in outdoor porcelain tiles and after close assessment of the Porcea Stone collection, we are proud to recommend it to all our customers. Here are some of the reasons why Porcea Stone outdoor porcelain tiles are the best choice for landscaping:

  • Anti-frost. These outdoor porcelain pavers are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. All Porcea pavers go through rigorous testing under the unforgiving climate in Scandinavian countries with temperatures that can range between -50°C to +60°C.
  • Low water absorption. The material is impermeable, meaning it has a very low absorption rate. And with less than 0.5% absorption of water, you can be assured that it is suitable for all climates and has extremely high structural strength.
  • Anti-Slip. We commonly get asked, “Aren’t porcelain tiles slippery and designed for indoors?” Porcea’s outdoor porcelain tiles are different in this way with slip ratings that surpass R11, making them suitable for landscape use.
  • Durable. The thickness of these tiles is twice that of a standard indoor tile. Therefore, they are hard-wearing and very strong just like STONEarch natural stones.
  • Scratch-resistant. These tough pavers are also more scratch-resistant than other materials like concrete.
  • Resistant to salt or moss. Some materials when used outdoors can become very slippery once a layer of mold or moss covers their surfaces, especially during the winter. That is not the case with porcelain pavers as they are highly resilient materials that are resistant to stains from moss, salts, acids, and mildew, to name a few.
  • Their color will not fade. Unlike concrete products, porcelain will not fade when exposed to UV radiation or direct sunlight. That means you will be able to enjoy its beauty for many years to come.
  • Wide array of designs. Porcea Stone’s Elite Collection is available in various colors, sizes, and styles. The range includes tiles that replicate the look of concrete, stone, and even wood.
  • Hassle-free maintenance. Aside from their beauty, porcelain paving stones are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Outdoor porcelain copings. Many of the outdoor porcelain pavers that we sell also come with matching straight-edge copings allowing you to create a perfectly seamless look for your project.

There isn’t much reason left to continue to debate the topic or be skeptical. Outdoor porcelain tiles by Porcea Stone are rapidly becoming the best outdoor tiles and are highly recommended by top landscape architects and design professionals. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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