Premium Natural Stones For Pool Decks

Premium Natural Stones For Pool Decks
November 8, 2022
Premium Natural Stones For Pool Decks

One of the most vital parts of your swimming pool is the area around surrounding it. A pool deck is where your family and friends can gather. Moreover, it defines the style and personality of your backyard pool. Also, a deck that surrounds a pool adds value to it. There are plenty of materials for creating a lavish pool deck. And on top of that list are STONEarch premium natural stones for pool decks.

Natural stone pavers are one of the best floor surfaces you can use around your pool. It can provide your pool setting with unmatched sophistication. Likewise, these landscaping materials are hard-wearing, durable, and extremely dense. Hence, they are ideal for areas exposed to sun and water, such as swimming pools.

If you’re thinking of using natural stones for your pool area, here are our top 3 premium natural stones for pool decks worth considering:

  1. Indus Gray Limestone
  2. Onyx Black Granite
  3. Gray Mix Travertine
STONEarch Gray Mix Cobbles 1
STONEarch Gray Mix Cobbles

Indus Gray Limestone

Limestone is one of the top go-to landscaping materials today. This paver will retain its good looks and form no matter what condition you throw at it. In fact, the stone can withstand the weather of North America and foot traffic. Hence, it is suitable for pool decks and other outdoor areas.

Although it is typically known for its earthy hues, you can also find limestones in various colours, such as STONEarch Indus Gray.

STONEarch Indus Gray is known as the most modern landscape stone around. Its combination of modern neutral tones of gray and white delivers a very clean and contemporary look. Another great feature of this premium limestone is its non-slip surface, thanks to the sandblasted texture of the stone. Also, the stone possesses an elegance that comes from some of the naturally occurring bright white and darker coloured veins and striations on its surface.

Premium Natural Stones For Pool Decks
Indus Gray Pavers Coping

Onyx Black Granite

Granite is a popular choice among pool designers looking for a durable and tough material that can provide a consistent look. This natural stone is the hardest, has high water resistance, and can stand the test of time with flying colours. This is also what makes it an excellent choice for a commercial pool deck such as a condominium rooftop or amenity area.

A pool deck made with granite is ideal if your pool setting has a natural motif. Nevertheless, it also works well for lavish pool designs. In terms of deep rich black granite decking option, STONEarch Onyx Black granite is a top choice among landscape architects in North America. We launched this black granite in 2021, and it instantly became a sough-after stone for ultra-modern projects.

What’s so special about the building material is its finish that sparkles when the sunlight hits the fine crystals of the stone. Furthermore, the rich dark black colour of Onyx Black is the result of combining various finishes. These include flamed, brushed, and waterjet. Our attention to care when it comes to finishes is unparalleled to the industry, with many other competitors offering such a flamed finish on their stone.

The combination of finishes and carefully sourced raw materials, allows STONEarch to offer the darkest black granite for landscape use in the industry. STONEarch Onyx Black frequently competes (and wins due to its richness) against Jet Black, Cambrian Black, Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Midnight Black and other black granites sourced globally.

Premium Natural Stones For Pool Decks
Onyx Black Pearl Granite Coping

Gray Mix Travertine

Travertine is an excellent option for building a luxurious pool deck. It is known for being a beautiful yet hard-wearing material. What’s more, the stone has small tiny holes that allow for the paving to breathe which means on a very hot summer day, a travertine stone will not absorb as much heat and will be more gentle on bare feet. No wonder it is very in demand these days with contractors and pool builders.

When it comes to travertine premium natural stones for pool decks, STONEarch Gray Mix is the right choice. Its warm and neutral tones of beige, gray, cream, and blue makes it perfect for your high-end landscape project. It has tiny holes, giving the material an antique character, as well as an anti-slip surface. Keep in mind that not all travertines are the same.

Many of them are not suitable for the Canadian climate and have failed when it comes to frequent exposure to freeze thaw cycles. STONEarch Gray Mix and STONEarch Ivory Mix have been time and weather-tested to withstand the harsh winters that we see here in Canada.

The stone is available in honed and tumbled finishes. Architects in Ontario and Quebec favor the classic tumbled cobbles for building pool decks.

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