Re-branding FAQ

Re-branding FAQ
December 7, 2017
Re-branding FAQ

Hello! The STONEarch team have decided to put together a FAQ regarding our recent re-branding efforts.

Q: Has there a change in ownership? And is the old team still there?

A: There has been no change in ownership, and the same team of people that have helped you over the past 15 years are still here today. Customers will continue to enjoy the same quality service and products as they used to from Global Arch.

Q: Have you moved?

A: No

Q: Does it mean the new identity “STONEarch” will be doing business differently?

A: STONEarch is committed to enhance the brand image by introducing a fresh range of stones, products and colors. However STONEarch it is committed to serve existing and future customers with similar dedication and integrity as they enjoyed with Global Arch.

Q: Do I have to send my business credentials to STONEarch again or it will acquire information from Global Arch

A: Global Arch is re branded to STONEarch now and it will also acquire all accounts and information from Global Arch. Global Arch customers need not resubmit business credentials to STONEarch however any new customer will submit business information to STONEarch.

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