Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Stones For Commercial Projects

Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Stones For Commercial Projects
December 7, 2022
Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Stones For Commercial Projects

Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Stones For Commercial Projects

One of the main goals of commercial architects is to build a beautiful structure that can stand the test of time. However, some physical properties of materials are compromised to give way to aesthetics and design. Because of this, you may find that within five years or so, the building may not look as impressive as it does upon completion.

But that is not the case with natural stones. Architects have been taking advantage of the numerous properties of the building material for centuries. Different varieties of natural stones, such as granite and limestone, have been used to decorate building exteriors and interiors.

Natural stones have distinctive variations and can provide your commercial projects with high design value. That’s why many people embrace the use of natural stone, as it brings functionality and aesthetics to commercial properties. The important thing to keep in kind is which natural stone is suitable for a specific type of application and ensuring the technical properties will match the project requirements. And, this is where our team of experts can guide you.

With that in mind, here are the top reasons why commercial architects use STONEarch natural stones for their projects.

Gray Granite natural stones
STONEarch Gray Granite Pavers

ASTM International Standards

Nowadays, the building industry emphasizes products that are permanent, safe, and low maintenance. Natural stones offer these characteristics. But the industry will be in total disarray if there are no sensible and consistent testing methods and standards for stone products. Fortunately, there’s a set of standards designed for landscaping stones. These are invaluable as they protect the industry, companies, and consumers against unfavorable outcomes due to product failures.

Several international agencies define and release testing guidelines for natural stone quality. One of the most popular is ASTM International due to the organization’s comprehensive testing standards for various natural stones, especially granite.

The American Society for Testing and Materials equips architects, consumers, and contractors with accurate and evidence-based data. This allows them to ensure they make the best possible decision when purchasing a material. ASTM committees are composed of influential industry experts. They gather and consult each other regarding practices, qualifications, testing procedures, guides, and quality standards openly and with transparency.

Most specifications of commercial projects require stones to satisfy specific ASTM standards before you can use them. STONEarch products, such as our Gray Granite, meet ASTM quality standards. This ensures you have a better understanding of a particular stone and will be able to choose the right one for your project. Testing includes various factors including flexural strenght of the stone, water absorption, and the resistance to freeze-thaw cycles.

STONEarch White Star Granite Custom Columns
STONEarch White Star Granite Custom Columns

Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of Natural Stones

Solar reflectance or reflectivity is the capacity of a material, such as natural stone, to reflect solar energy from its surface back into the environment. So when the sun sets, the stone gives off the energy it absorbed earlier. As a rule of thumb, the higher SRI the material possesses, the better it is at reflecting solar heat. If it is lower, it’s more likely to get hotter in direct sunlight. This becomes a critical factor in downtown core of metropolitan cities, including Toronto for example, as a low SRI applied across hundred of buildings will result in a very hot city during the summer time. At the time of writing this article, the requirement for SRI in Toronto is 29 and we have a number of natural stones that meet or exceed this minimum requirement.

When choosing a building material, you should consider how hot its surface will get under direct sunlight. Vertical exteriors are also prone to the energy of the sun. The building material you will use in the facade of a structure will influence its comfort. Likewise, it will affect the cooling and heating energy utilized.

Natural Stone like STONEarch White Star granite are a great option for building envelope or facades. This natural stone surface has sufficient SRI for both facade and landscape applications for a commercial project.

Onyx Black Pearl Granite natural stone
STONEarch Onyx Black Granite Coping

Different Uses of Natural Stone in Commercial Projects

Our collection of natural stones is versatile. Moreover, they are available in different colors, textures, finishes, designs, and sizes. That means our products are suitable for various applications. These include hotels, rooftop amenities, and office buildings, to name a few. We can even customize the stone of your choice to make it perfect for your project.

The popular stones among commercial architects are limestone, basalt, and granite. These stones are excellent options as accent materials. For instance, if you want a level of elegance and modernity for your building project, consider using our STONEarch Onyx Black granite for the darkest black granite option in the market. Beyond just colours, we can also customize our products in many different finishes that can have a significant impact on the final colour and result of the product. For example, a honed finish is more slippery but achieves a richer and deeper black, making it suitable for vertical surface of a bench. In contrast, a flamed and waterjet finish can make the stone dark yet maintain an anti-slip surface making it the best choice for a courtyard or commercial plaza.

So if you want to add beauty to your commercial projects and further enhance their value, STONEarch natural stone is the obvious choice.

Custom Stone Granite Fountain
STONEarch Custom Stone Granite Fountain

Always Available

We are one of the largest suppliers and wholesalers of natural stone products in North America. You can find our quarries across the globe equipped with the latest equipment. Furthermore, our North American headquarters houses more than 1 million square feet of natural stones ready to ship at any time. We deliver natural stone products in bulk across the region promptly. Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing that your project will have continuous supply of material.

Natural stone is not only beautiful, but a diverse, unparalleled, and long-lasting material. Its application is limitless, and you’ll always find the perfect stone for every commercial project in mind. Contact our team to find out which one is right for you.

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