STONEarch Product Feature: Granite Cobbles On Mat

STONEarch Product Feature: Granite Cobbles On Mat
February 4, 2021
STONEarch Product Feature: Granite Cobbles On Mat

STONEarch Cobbles on Mat are just one of the many innovations when it comes to natural stone that we are proud to offer as market leaders. We often get asked, what exactly are cobbles on mat?

Simply put, picture a beautiful European cobblestone street in one of the nooks of Paris or down an alley in Rome. Imagine trying to recreate that look today in the year 2021. Beyond the cost of materials and trying to find 2” thick granite cobbles, finding a mason or a contractor that is willing to lay each cobblestone by hand in a near-perfect formation would be next to impossible.

Introducing our STONEarch Granite Cobbles on Mat, available in two varieties:

These granite cobbles come pre-glued on an easy to handle mesh backing, making it very efficient to reproduce a granite cobblestone walkway or driveway.

With their sizes, you can easily create any pattern you want. You can even mix these colours to create a stunning driveway that contrasts perfectly with your home’s backdrop. The warm tones of our granite cobbles can provide your pathways, driveway borders, and patio a rustic charm, as well as blend elegantly with other types of paving.

STONEarch Cobbles On Mat – Sunset

Sunset Cobbles on Mat STONEarch
Sunset Cobbles on Mat – Sunset

These granite stones are also known as Amber, Yellow Granite, and Pudang Yellow Granite. Our Cobbles on Mat – Sunset have a bush-hammer finish. Its surface with a speckled pattern in hues of white, gold, and yellow is not only heavy-duty but slip-resistant as well.

It’s a great choice for complementing a landscape project with a brighter color theme. It’s also ideal for producing a striking contrast against any landscape with a darker background. The ivory shade of this granite makes it the hardscape material of choice for entrance patios, gazebo, and pool decks. It is also popular for use as a sun-room stone and backyard stone.

One thing clients often don’t realize is that STONEarch Sunset Granite goes very well with Indiana Limestone masonry as well. This means that if you have a light cream coloured brick or facade on your home, you can go with our Sunset cobbles for an accent on your driveway or leading up to your walkway entrance.

STONEarch Cobbles On Mat – Ebony

Ebony Cobbles on Mat STONEarch
Ebony Cobbles on Mat – Ebony

When STONEarch introduced Ebony Black Granite over 10 years ago to the North American market, it quickly became a popular choice among landscape architects, designers, contractors, and homebuilders alike. Today, it is one of the most favoured stones to use for custom homes and prestigious building projects because of its elegance and strength. When a client wants the most premium look that will last over a decade, they go with STONEarch black granite.

Ebony Granite is also known as Jet Black, Ebony Black, Midnight Black, Black Granite, Black Basalt, and Classic Black Granite. It is perhaps the most premium stone for the landscape industry of North America and perfectly accentuates any modern or classic landscape design. And no doubt, this natural stone will catapult your projects to the next level. If you’re searching for a slightly more economical option, we can also custom fabricate STONEarch Carbon into a cobbles on mat format for your project. Just ask a member of our team for more information!

STONEarch Cobbles on Mat – Ebony is a black granite that features distinctive medium to dark shades of black. But what makes this stone stand out from the rest is its classic velvet visual appeal that can give your landscape projects one of the most mesmerizing and striking aesthetics. On top of that, the flamed finish of this landscape stone provides it with an anti-skid surface.

Each cobblestone is glued to the mesh back which means if you have a home on the most prestigious street in your neighbourhood, you want a driveway that can match the profile of your home. This is when you decide to opt-out from using interlock or concrete pavers, and opt-in to using black granite for driveways.

Reasons To Choose STONEarch Granite Cobbles On Mat

Ebony Black Granite Cobbles on Mat 2 STONEarch
Ebony Black Granite Cobbles on Mat
  1. Traditional charm: You can use our products to create unique and impressive landscape designs, including contemporary projects. What’s more, they can help capture granite’s traditional charm that we all love while bringing some history to your commercial or residential property.
  2. Easy to install: STONEarch granite cobbles on mat can achieve that traditional-looking aesthetic, yet they are durable enough to withstand any form of modern traffic.
  3. Wide range of applications: Our range can provide your commercial and residential landscape projects with unique appeal while letting you create beautiful paving that has a timeless charm.
  4. Durable & versatile: Granite is known for being a hard-working and resilient natural stone. It has been a top choice for hundreds of years for creating driveways, paths, trails, and roads. Our granite cobblestones are very versatile. They are the perfect solution for most commercial projects you have in mind, such as pavements and roadways. Likewise, they are especially recommended for public areas within property and office improvements.
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