North America Business Awards: Voted The Best Natural Stone Wholesaler & Distributor In 2020

North America Business Awards: Voted The Best Natural Stone Wholesaler & Distributor In 2020
January 8, 2021
North America Business Awards: Voted The Best Natural Stone Wholesaler & Distributor In 2020

North America Business Awards recently awarded STONEarch as The Best Natural Stone Wholesaler & Distributor In 2020. If that wasn’t enough to get us excited, we are proud to share that we were also voted as the recipient of the Wholesale Customer Excellence Award 2020 for our exceptional, unparalleled customer service.

What Is The STONEarch Difference?

Best Natural Stone Wholesaler
Best Natural Stone Wholesaler & Distributor

STONEarch is the largest distributor of natural stone products in North America. Our company has been around for more than 20 years, making us one of the pioneers and innovators in the construction industry of natural stone for landscaping.

Fun fact: STONEarch was the first company to bring imported landscaping stone into Canada back in 2001. Back then, we were called Global Arch Inc., and we had a small modest but mighty team.

Providing high quality and innovative products, combined with exceptional customer service, is at the core of what we do. And this is the reason why we have established a reputation as the leading landscape stone supplier in North America.

Furthermore, our premium and exquisite landscaping stones are known across North America for their durability, excellence, and innovativeness. Our collection of premium landscaping stones turn your vision into reality, whether you’re a landscape architect, contractor, or designer.

What’s more, we have handpicked our selection of natural stones to ensure they can withstand the unforgiving climate of North America. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your patio, steps, walkway, pathway, pool, or outdoor space will be able to stand the test of time and maintain their beauty.

With more than 250 products and 1,000 SKUs, you are sure to find the natural stone your masonry construction and landscape project needs. We are constantly humbled by the testimonials our clients give us. Take a read from one of the most elite pool builders in Canada:

“Gib-San pools Ltd. has a relationship with Global Arch Inc. for almost a decade. Their customer service, stone quality and selection is excellent. Neera and Arun are constantly providing new products to accommodate changes in the industry and client feedback. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Senior DesignerGib-San Pool & Landscape CreativeToronto, ON
Wholesale Customer Service Excellence
Wholesale Customer Service Excellence

What Are The North America Business Awards?

The global economy of North America is diverse and going strong. It is where you’ll find some of the most successful enterprises globally. Likewise, it is home to innovation, progressive thinking, and equality. Hence, the region has preserved its reputation for being one of the best places where you can do your business.

The North America Business Awards is an award-giving body that aims to acknowledge the efforts of businesses that provide the diverse consumers of the region with excellent products and services. Each participant in the North America Business Awards 2020, no matter how small or big their business is, are assessed based on pure merit.

Furthermore, they have a dedicated research team that evaluates each piece of information presented to them. The team then independently collects information from different sources that are publicly accessible, which also go through a rigorous stress-test and assessment. The final judgement is based on different criteria, such as business growth, longevity, innovation, business performance, online reputations, client dedication, and customer feedback.

This means that the North America Business Awards only commend those that truly stand out from the rest, taking customer satisfaction to the next level.

Thank you North American Business Awards for voting STONEarch as The Best Natural Stone Wholesale & Distributor In 2020! We are looking forward to many future years to come!

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