The Environmental Benefits of Using Natural Stone Pavers in Your Outdoor Spaces

The Environmental Benefits of Using Natural Stone Pavers in Your Outdoor Spaces
April 11, 2023
The Environmental Benefits of Using Natural Stone Pavers in Your Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces can be elevated for a number of reasons. For some, it may be to add a sense of peace and calm to the space, but for others, it may be to help them get in better touch with nature. Regardless of the reason, when it comes to outdoor landscaping, this step can (and should) be taken with the environment in mind. 

That being said, natural stone pavers are prime materials that can boost an outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal while doing good for the environment. Because of their natural source, these stones are among the most sustainable, if not the most sustainable, building materials that can be used for outdoor landscaping. 

But what exactly makes natural stone pavers environmentally friendly? Let’s find out. 

Why Using Natural Stone Pavers in Your Outdoor Spaces is Good For the Environment 

Aside from being extremely durable and aesthetic outdoor flooring pieces, natural stone pavers are good for the environment as well. Here are some reasons and ways that these pavers can benefit the environment. 

  • Natural stone pavers are truly natural.
  • Natural stone pavers are fully recyclable. 
  • Natural stone pavers last longer compared to other outdoor flooring materials. 
  • Natural stone pavers can help combat carbon footprint.
  • Natural stone pavers are sustainably sourced and manufactured. 

Natural Stone Pavers Are Truly Natural 

Being a natural resource of the earth, stone was among the first building materials ever used. It is naturally present; it does not require the mixing of other resources for its creation. These natural stones themselves, such as sandstone and limestone, do not carry any toxins, chemicals, or poisons. 

But how about their processing? Well, when it comes to their production, stones are first extracted from quarries and then brought to factories for processing. The huge block is then chunked into many small blocks in a process called slabbing. 

They are further split and processed using a cutting machine. This is done to ensure that the paver’s edges are even. The machine then gives the natural stone pavers the desired sleek finish. 

Considering the size and thickness variations of these pavers, calibration is also performed. This is done so that the granite, basalt, or other type of natural stone paver has the desired thickness and size. Afterward, these pavers are good to go. 

This just goes to show that these pavers are truly natural pieces that were sourced out of the earth itself. They are not man-made materials. Because of this, they ensure that their surrounding environment is not compromised. 

Natural Stone Pavers Are Fully Recyclable

On top of being naturally sourced, these pavers are fully recyclable as well. Recycling and salvaging these pieces can be done to make sure that the natural stone is maximized throughout its entire lifespan. 

When recycled, the stone can be applied in various ways. For example, stone pieces from an old building made of limestone could be repurposed into retaining walls or outdoor design facades. 

Recycling natural stone helps reduce the amount of water, energy, and other resources that would have been otherwise necessary to make new building materials. The stone’s ability to be recycled effectively reduces detrimental impacts on the supply of resources and on the ecosystem as a whole. 

(Ivory Mix Travertine)

Natural Stone Pavers Last Longer Compared to Other Outdoor Flooring Materials

Travertine, granite, and limestone are all natural stones that can last for years and years of use. Their remarkable capacity to stand the test of time is one of the reasons why using the material is a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly option. 

These natural stones have the capacity to endure the difficulties that come with high traffic. Whether they are applied to outdoor kitchens or living spaces, these paver stones can last up to 50 years or even a full century. 

Compared to other materials, natural stone pavers last much longer. When it comes to sustainable design, it is important to consider durability so that resources do not need to be frequently used to create new materials. Hence, the longer the materials last, the better it is for the environment. 

Natural Stone Pavers Can Help Combat Carbon Footprint 

In comparison to other building materials, natural stone pavers are known to have the lowest carbon footprint. This is because these materials are from the earth itself. Unlike other materials that are man-made, natural stones are sourced from the planet. Because they do not require the same processing as other pieces, natural stone pavers have a lower carbon footprint. 

Moreover, natural stones are also the best when it comes to insulation. Due to their intrinsic capacity to insulate, they offer greatly advantageous thermal mass. This means that stones like slate take in heat during the day and then expel it at night. This regulative capacity of natural stone helps minimize the need to use air conditioners during summer and heaters over winter. 

Aside from working on indoor spaces, these insulative properties could work especially well for covered and partially enclosed outdoor spaces. 

Hence, using natural stones may potentially help cut electricity bills. This, in turn, helps combat the carbon footprint. 

Natural Stone Pavers Are Sustainably Sourced and Manufactured 

Technology advancements have enabled more options and cost reductions for products made of stone. This, in turn, makes natural stone easier to apply and even more desirable than it ever was. 

The stone industry itself is working towards combating pollution, reducing waste, conserving resources, and other eco-friendly practices that benefit the environment. Hence, by choosing natural stone, you are also choosing a building material that has been sustainably handled, from its quarrying all the way to its application. 

(Gray Mix Travertine)

Use STONEarch Natural Stone Pavers For Sustainable Design

Rather than using other types of flooring materials, you can opt to use natural stone pavers instead. As explained earlier, these materials do not just help boost a property’s value and add aesthetics to the place; they are also significantly beneficial for the environment. 

If you are looking to elevate your outdoor space in a sustainable way, opt for STONEarch natural stone pavers. We have an extensive list of natural stone pavers that you can choose from. 

Contact us for your outdoor paving needs. We’d love to help you achieve sustainability in your outdoor space. 

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