Top 5 Reasons Why Natural Stone is the Best For Your Outdoor Space

Top 5 Reasons Why Natural Stone is the Best For Your Outdoor Space
January 1, 2024
Top 5 Reasons Why Natural Stone is the Best For Your Outdoor Space
Why Choose Natural Stone For Your Outdoor Space?

Natural stone has been a staple in construction, gracing surfaces like walls, floors, kitchen benchtops, and bathroom vanities with its enduring beauty for centuries. 

Discover the appeal of natural stones in outdoor environments with these five reasons.

1. Sustainable and Natural: Natural stone is quarried directly from the earth and minimally processed, making it a sustainable construction material. Its production uses no chemicals and has a minimal environmental impact.

2. Timeless Appearance: Stone's classic appeal transcends design trends, seamlessly complementing any interior style or personal preference. Its timeless nature adds value to homes, remaining immune to the ebb and flow of contemporary fashion.

3. Cost-Effective: Unlike initial assumptions, natural stone demonstrates cost-effectiveness in the long run, thanks to its durability and extended lifespan compared to more economical alternatives.

4. Easy to Maintain & Durability: Highly durable natural stone is ideal for high-traffic areas in the home. It maintains its aesthetic appeal over the long term with simple cleaning and care.

5. Different Design Styles and Finishes: Natural stone offers a diverse range of colors, shades, designs, and styles, from the sleek minimalism of bluestone pavers to the earthy tones and deep textures of travertine. Each slab, being unique, adds an original touch to your space.

Varieties of Natural Stone

1. Granite: Enduring Elegance   

Known for its durability and granular aesthetic, granite is a resilient natural stone with long-lasting elegance. Its diverse color palette and robust nature make it popular for various outdoor applications, including countertops, paving, and architectural features.

2. Limestone: Earthy Tones and Distinctive Style

Limestone, a sedimentary rock, showcases earthy tones and offers a distinctive visual style. Its natural charm and versatility suit various outdoor designs, from garden pathways to elegant façades.

3. Travertine: Porous Texture and Unique Charm

Characterized by a porous texture and natural pits, travertine is a natural stone with a unique charm. Often used in applications like flooring and wall cladding, travertine adds character and warmth to outdoor spaces.

4. Slate: Sleek and Minimalist   

Durable and dense, slate is favored for its sleek, minimalist visual appeal. This metamorphic rock is known for its fine-grained texture and is commonly used for roofing, paving, and accentuating modern outdoor designs.

5. Sandstone: Versatile and Timeless

STONEarch Saga Sandstone

Sandstone comes in various varieties, each offering distinct characteristics. Beige sandstone exudes timeless elegance, red sandstone brings richness, yellow sandstone adds warmth, grey sandstone offers contemporary sophistication, and rainbow sandstone presents a diverse color palette. Sandstone is versatile and finds application in paving, cladding, and landscaping projects.

Each stone brings its charm to your landscape project. Your choice should reflect your design theme, practical requirements, and personal preferences. With STONEarch's collection, your outdoor space can become a masterpiece!

Feel free to contact our team to learn more about our products.

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