Top Landscape Design Trends To Watch For In 2020

Top Landscape Design Trends To Watch For In 2020
January 20, 2020
Top Landscape Design Trends To Watch For In 2020

Every year, landscaping trends change. For this reason, landscape design experts are always thinking ahead about the things that are going to be significant in the landscaping world. So if you are an architect, homeowner, contractor, or a company and one of the things on your list for 2020 is to enhance your outdoor landscaping, then this article is for you.

From improving your home’s curb appeal to changing things up on your backyard, here are the top landscape trends in 2020 to consider.

Bringing Indoors Outdoors

One cool landscaping trend we’ll see in 2020 is combing both the elements of outdoor and indoor living in your outdoor space. You can place throw cushions, comfy chairs, and sofas to make your lounging outside as comfortable as possible. Also, rustic landscape stones, that can be used  can add a natural element to your outdoor living area. Pebbles and turf can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is a perfect example 2020 landscaping trend you will see which brings indoor design trends outdoors.

Water Feature

A lot of landscapers are turning gardens into havens to create a place of relaxation. And water features play a major role in the plan. Having the sound and presence of water in your garden is not only relaxing, but it’s also refreshing and therapeutic. Water features have the ability to use beautiful walling stones that can bring depth and height to your landscaping project of any size.

Low Maintenance Lawns

Maintaining your landscape will eat up your time and consume your energy. So this year, it’ll be about playing around with low maintenance options like artificial turf. This landscaping material is hassle-free, eco-friendly, and will always stay green. Its upkeep will not require you use water or harmful chemicals. Also, you don’t need any lawn equipment or do any mowing, making it cost-effective as well. It’s also easy to install, so you can focus your energy in hitting all your other 2020 projects and tasks.

Natural Materials With Better Quality

We will be saying goodbye to flashy and extravagant landscapes this 2020. Homeowners will focus more on investing in natural materials with the utmost quality. Also, keep in mind that the key to a good design is scalability and simplicity. Creating geometric shapes with these highest quality natural materials in your landscaping projects will give that “wow” factor to your 2020 projects.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are excellent for your patio floors and a beautiful landscape trend for 2020. These hardscape materials are versatile and will last a lifetime. They’re also the perfect solution for areas in your home that receives the most traffic since they are resistant to scratches. Likewise, these stones simply look stunning both in and out of your home. Use them for your pools, backyard, and commercial projects.

Covered Pergola

Pergolas are a great way to transform your outdoor space. It can serve as an outside extension of your living space as well as it can protect your outdoor furniture from the sun, rain, and snow. Although it’s a bit on the expensive side, the many benefits it presents will be worth your investment. They’ll also allow you to have a party and social gatherings no matter what weather global warming brings.

Distinctive Lighting

In terms of lighting, landscaping design trends for 2020 is going to be minimalist, linear, and sleek. It’s also going to be architectural instead of traditional to intensify the geometric shapes of your home while highlighting the most striking and essential features of the design.  

A good example is keeping your light fixtures while illuminating your pathways, which will soften the design elements throughout your home. Moreover, you can create a soothing ambiance by hiding LED lights under patio spaces and sidewalks. The idea here is for the lighting to enhance both the texture and curves of your landscape design. This will also boost its overall appeal while providing your family and guests with visibility and safety.

Another lighting trend this year is placing the lights under floating and landscape structures. Doing so will create the illusion that your benches or steps are floating.

Outdoor Kitchen And Dining

Enhancing the backyard and creating a full outdoor living experience is going to be the rage in 2020. This means using your outdoor patio as your main kitchen and dining area. That’s why most manufacturers are coming up with innovative ways to present homeowners with outdoor kitchen equipment. There are even tables with a hearth in the center and kitchen sound systems available on the market today. All these are examples of how large companies, contractors, architects, and home-owners are all adopting 2020 landscaping design trends in their projects.

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