STONEarch Product Feature: Ivory Mix Travertine Cobbles

STONEarch Product Feature: Ivory Mix Travertine Cobbles
February 21, 2021
STONEarch Product Feature: Ivory Mix Travertine Cobbles

One of the popular stones used in homes today is travertine. That’s because, in comparison to other natural stones, they have much more character and enable you to create a unique appearance. Furthermore, its durability and natural beauty make travertine a perfect material for the interior and exterior of your home.

Historically, the main purpose of travertine stone has been in buildings. Travertine has been used in the construction industry for a long time – from monuments to temples. It’s also one of the many natural stones available today that is used for paving garden pathways, courtyards, patios, and pool decks.

Cobblestones or cobbles are tumbled travertine. They are composed of hard-wearing, naturally dense travertine tiles that have pitted holes in their surface. The tumbled process gives travertine cobblestones their one-of-a-kind worn edge effect, giving the hardscape stone that rustic feel.

If you’re looking for the best travertine cobbles in North America, STONEarch Ivory Mix has an elegant style and strength to match. One of the biggest concerns we always hear from customers is regarding the durability of our travertine stones and suitability for harsh climates including freeze-thaw cycles.

We can provide technical specifications and reports to highlight the durability of our travertine cobblestones but the best report is the test of time. STONEarch Ivory Mix travertine (and in fact our complete collection of travertine stones) has been used and installed for 15+ years without a single complaint or problem regarding the durability of the stone. In fact, we have a set of long-term customers that exclusively use our STONEarch travertine stones for all their projects when they are looking to create a premium & traditional landscape that will last for years to come.

Introducing Ivory Mix Travertine Cobbles

Ivory Mix Travertine Cobbles Coping 1 STONEarch
Ivory Mix Travertine Cobbles Coping

Ivory Mix Travertine is a premium landscape stone and is probably the most friendly stone on your bare feet in our lineup. It is meant for high-end landscape projects, yet you can use it for contemporary landscape design themes.

This stone comes in both tumbled and honed finishes, making it the right hardscape material for million-dollar homes. Moreover, the classic tumbled travertine cobbles make our STONEarch Ivory Mix the most popular choice for Muskoka cottages, upscale chalets, and vacation homes with grand pool decks.

What makes STONEarch Ivory Mix travertine different from the rest is its unique tiny holes, making it anti-slip and giving it an antique character. What’s more, it combines warm and neutral hues of walnut, beige, and cream. Aside from tumbled cobbles or flagstone pavers, Ivory Mix is available in a range of products, including straight edge copings and bullnose copings. We also offer the stone as custom products to fit your projects.

Contact our expert team for more information or if you have any questions about our natural stone collection.

6 Benefits Of Using STONEarch Travertine Cobbles For Your Projects

Ivory Mix Travertine Cobbles 10 STONEarch
Ivory Mix Travertine Cobbles
  1. Durable. The durability of STONEarch travertine cobbles is undeniable. The reason for this is because this natural stone has been compressed by the Earth over thousands of years. And if cared for properly, it will last for a lifetime.
  2. Non-Slip. Our travertine products are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as dry and wet conditions.
  3. Ability to remain cool. This stone can remain cool even when installed in direct sunlight, making it great for your patio, pool deck, and other outdoor projects. The light beige colour of the Ivory Mix travertine stone is another reason making it extremely popular in warm climates such as Florida, Spain, Portugal and Egypt.
  4. Ability to withstand freeze-thaw cycle. Travertine cobbles can endure Canada’s freeze-thaw cycle thanks to their distinctive vertical capillary effect, letting moisture escape. Also, this enables the coolness of the ground to spread upwards, keeping the stone surface cool on hot summer days.
  5. Easy to maintain. STONEarch natural stone products are easy to maintain. Likewise, you won’t have trouble replacing one many years later in case one stone paver or stone coping gets broken or damaged, however given their durability, that is likely not to be a concern.
  6. Timeless beauty. All our stone products boast timeless qualities. They have a distinct beauty that can add elegance to your property. Our travertine and cobblestone range is available in a variety of striking tones, colors, patterns, and textures. Likewise, no stone is alike, making every stone paver unique on its own.
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