Using Granite Cobblestones for Driveways with STONEarch Cobbles on Mat

Using Granite Cobblestones for Driveways with STONEarch Cobbles on Mat
September 6, 2022
Using Granite Cobblestones for Driveways with STONEarch Cobbles on Mat

You have a wide array of natural stone materials to choose from if you want to incorporate pavers into your driveway. On top of that list is granite cobblestones for driveways with STONEarch Cobbles on Mat.

Our granite cobbles are popular options among homeowners, architects, builders, and contractors in Canada. These natural stones are very versatile and can significantly improve the final look of your property. But aside from versatility, there are numerous reasons why granite cobblestone pavers are the ideal material for your driveway.

Granite cobblestones have been around for centuries. Most walkways and driveways made from these building materials decades ago are still functional today. In fact, surfaces using cobblestone pavers can stand their ground better than the majority of materials available in the market. On top of that, they can provide your home with added value and a remarkable old-world charm.

Granite cobblestones for driveway
Sunset Granite Cobbles on Mat

What is a Cobblestone?

As mentioned, cobblestone or cobbles is one of the first paving techniques, dating as far back as the Roman Empire. Generally, these natural stones are small in size and come in various shapes and sizes. Aside from paving, they are also used in landscaping and architectural purposes.

A cobblestone driveway has an authentic and unique look. And because of the exceptional durability of the stone, it will not only make your home stunning, but enhance its value as well. The visual appeal that the eco-friendly material can bring to your driveway is something you can’t achieve with concrete, asphalt, or gravel.

It is important to keep in mind that a Granite Cobblestone driveway is an expensive and premium choice as well. This makes the product the perfect choice when you are building a high-end custom home and thinking of what to use on your driveway. You do not want to use concrete pavers or asphalt as these are lower-end products. For a truly premium custom home driveway, the right product to use would be a STONEarch Granite Cobblestone. These products are custom and we can produce the cobblestone in any size and finish that you need in order achieve either a rustic look (tumbled) or flamed/brushed (modern).

Granite cobblestones for driveway
Granite cobbles on mat installation

Why is STONEarch Cobbles on Mat Ideal for Driveways?

Our granite cobblestones for driveway are a superb paving solution. Granite is an extremely durable, dense, and tough natural stone that can easily blend with different landscape types. That means your granite cobblestone driveway will be able to take on the weight of several vehicles, making it the perfect material for your driveway.

Furthermore, our granite cobbles allow for simple, fast, and easy installation, even in complex and awkward areas. Aside from this, they can add character to your driveway and deliver an authentic old cobblestone aesthetic.

STONEarch granite cobblestones are available in Cobbles on Mat Sunset and Cobbles on Mat Ebony.

STONEarch Sunset cobbles have a heavy-duty and slip-resistant surface with a bush-hammer finish. The stone’s surface features a speckled pattern in beautiful white, yellow, and gold. It works well at complementing a landscape with a brighter-colored theme. You can also use it as a contrast against your landscape project with a darker background.

Meanwhile, our STONEarch Ebony black granite cobblestone have a flamed finish, allowing for an anti-skid surface. The stone has a medium to dark shades of black, resulting in a classic velvet visual appeal. This creates one of the most mesmerizing and captivating landscape you’ll lay your eyes on.

Granite cobblestones for driveway
Ebony Black Granite Cobbles on Mat

Benefits of Using STONEarch Granite Cobblestones for your Driveway

Easy to Install

Cobbles on mat is easy to install since they are small stone pieces. You can either lay them dry or set them in mortar in a paver base. With sufficient preparation, you can opt to install the stones yourself. But if you want your driveway to have an intricate pattern or design, it is best to hire a professional.


Granite cobblestones are one of the most durable natural stones you can use in your landscaping project. Aside from being naturally strong and long-lasting, the building material is stain and scratch resistant, and can withstand everyday wear and tear. That means it will not fade and retain its shape and good looks for many years, even if installed in areas that receive plenty of traffic.


Driveways using cobbles on mat is easy to maintain. In most cases, rainfall is enough to get rid of the dirt from your granite cobblestone driveway. Still, you need to clean it using water with mild detergent every month or a two months.

Moreover, unlike concrete driveways that discolor, crack, or gets damage, repairing cobblestones will not hurt your budget. In case you find a defective stone, simply replace that particular piece. No need to go through the very expensive and long process that you would with an asphalt or cement driveway.

Aesthetic Appeal

Natural stones are naturally beautiful. And driveways made with granite cobblestones will enhance the curb appeal of your property and increase its resell value.

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