What Is The Difference Between Patio Stones And Stepping Stones

What Is The Difference Between Patio Stones And Stepping Stones
August 31, 2020
What Is The Difference Between Patio Stones And Stepping Stones

Is there truly a difference between patio stones and stepping stones? Can patio stones be applied as stepping stones? We’ll answer the following questions in this article, as well as provide you with essential information about these landscape materials.

What Are Patio Stones?

Patio stones are usually Interlocking, unlike Concrete, Asphalt, and other solid patio materials. Likewise they are durable, flexible, and hold together quite well. Secondly they can withstand pressure, heavy traffic, and everyday wear and tear. Because of these, patio stones are not prone to cracking and you can easily replace one if necessary.

These stones are natural and not manmade, which is why no two stones are ever the same. Additionally, the hardscape material is available in a wide array of sizes, textures, colours, and shapes. Therefore, you’ll find a stone that will fit all your requirements with ease. You can even lay them on various patterns and designs to resemble a surface with flat tiles.

The most common patio stones used today are the following:

STONEarch Black Limestone
STONEarch Black Limestone

Sandstone is a popular option because of its ease of installation. Aside from that, it is very versatile and long-lasting, making it an excellent material for any patio.


Limestone is a stunning yet durable natural stone used in structures across the globe. It is available in a variety of colours, from light cream like STONEarch Crema Nova to darker ones like STONEarch Black. Therefore, you can arrange various types of limestones to create a unique patio that will stand out among the rest. Moreover, you can install this stone as indoor flooring as well.


Slate is one of the toughest patio stones around that can take on outdoor elements. Also it can place directly onto soil without having to worry about any corrosion happening. Ideally this is one of the easiest patio stones to use if you want to create a uniform look for your outdoor space, which also helps increase its aesthetic appeal.


Travertine is not only strong but a handsome patio stone. Reason being is that It combines rough looks with natural tones. Therefore, this natural stone is perfect if you want your patio to have a rustic charm to it.

What Are Stepping Stones?

STONEarch New Ebony Granite Stepping Stone
STONEarch New Ebony Granite Stepping Stone

One of the main purposes of stepping stones is to protect your plants and the entire garden. They serve as a solid place where people can step in to avoid damaging your lovely plants and grass. You can even use it to separate zones in your garden.

Likewise, you can create a practical and safe walkway for you and your guests that can lead everyone to the front door of your garden. Another one of its functions is as a decorative element if you want to give your outdoor area a unique personalized feature.

Stepping stone materials are available in different types, which means you will be able to find one that suits your landscape design, taste, and personality. Natural stone is one of the most popular materials for installing stepping stones because of its extreme durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions.

Flagstone, granite, sandstone, and slate, are some of the most common natural stones used for stone paths. There are many ways on how you can design your garden’s stepping stones. You can create larger paths, group smaller stones together, or line up their straight edges. If you want something distinct, you can even ask your stone supplier to customize a cut that is suitable for your needs.

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