Wood Deck Vs. Stone Patio: Which Is The Best Option?

Wood Deck Vs. Stone Patio: Which Is The Best Option?
July 17, 2020
Wood Deck Vs. Stone Patio: Which Is The Best Option?

Creating a stunning outdoor living space is an excellent way to improve your property and its value. Whether you plan to build a wood deck or a hardscaped patio, both options are affordable projects of extending your living area. Moreover, you’ll have a unique space for relaxation and entertaining your guests. Therefore, your return on investment is quite significant.

Once you’ve decided the right area for your outdoor space, the next thing to consider is which is the best option for you, a wood deck or stone patio? Usually, decks are created using composite materials. On the other hand, patios use hardscape materials like natural stone pavers or concrete pavers. A hardscape patio offers a more practical solution, on top of being beautiful. Still, whatever type of outdoor living area you plan to build, your home’s value is sure to increase.

STONEarch Natural Stone Patio 1
STONEarch Natural Stone Patio


A wooden deck has always been a popular choice among homeowners when they want to enhance their backyard. There are a few good reasons why you may opt for a wooden deck.

First, it’s elevated in comparison to a hardscape patio, which needs to be built from the ground. This may help save you some valuable space. Hence, this may just be the solution you need if you have sloping yards or if you want a balcony space. Secondly, wood is an easier material to cut and may be more suitable for a DIY project for your backyard or patio.

Nevertheless, it’s still easy to install a paving patio from the ground. This is especially true if you already have a flat space in mind to build it. On top of that, hardscape materials like STONEarch natural stone pavers are a superb alternative for building your elevated deck. These materials are extremely durable and will provide your outdoor living space with timeless elegance.


STONEarch Saga Imperial Black Pavers 1
STONEarch Saga Imperial Black Pavers

Another important thing you need to consider when choosing between a wood deck and a stone patio is maintenance. Wooden decks require plenty of upkeep since you need to protect the wood to prevent it from rotting and degrading. This means that you need to clean your wood deck and apply protective coatings often, including staining, varnish, and sealers.

Meanwhile, a patio made from paver requires little to no maintenance. You only need to clean it occasionally using a garden hose. Likewise, you may need to reseal it, which you only need to do once very few years and is especially true depending on the type of stone that is selected or if a lighter stone has been used.


Without a doubt, a hardscape patio will outlast a wooden deck, especially if you don’t take care of your wood deck properly. Although you can prolong the life of your deck with regular maintenance, it will put a dent in your budget. Also, its lifespan will not be as long as natural stone pavers if you decide to use the material. A natural stone patio is more long-lasting, and its maintenance will not give you a headache.

What’s more, you also have to consider the Canadian weather. A poorly constructed wood deck can easily collapse from the extra weight of snow. Then there’s the risk of fires during the summertime that you need to worry about.

When a fire breaks in your home, a flammable outdoor feature will not do you any good. So in this scenario, a hardscape patio made with natural stone is the better and more practical choice to prevent putting your house at risk from unexpected natural disasters.

Aesthetic And Design

STONEarch Gray Mix Cobbles
STONEarch Gray Mix Cobbles

It’s also essential to think about how your outdoor area will look. Of course, you want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. So before making any decisions on which outdoor project to go for, evaluate the rest of your backyard first.

A natural stone patio is the best option if you want your outdoor living space to blend with its surrounding environment. Likewise, it will work perfectly with other design elements you may want to include, such as a firepit, water feature, retaining wall, and other hardscaping you have in mind.

Also, one of the biggest misconceptions about hardscape patios is that they’re not as warm as a wooden deck. On the contrary, you will be able to create a patio with a welcoming and warm ambiance by incorporating it with a range of elements, designs, and colours. All you need is a bit of creativity and the right material, and you’ll have the outdoor living space that you’ve always dreamt of. To bring warmth to a stone patio, consider adding a firepit, bright colour cushions, some STONEarch artificial turf for greenery or even a nice stone fountain.

So when you choose to install a hardscape stone patio and have questions in mind, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are more than willing to help you plan an aesthetically pleasing landscape design, and turn your ideas into reality. Depending on your budget, we are also able to refer you to premium landscape architects to assist you in your design process and help with creating a true backyard oasis for your staycation.

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