Porcea Aura White is an exciting new colour for 2021. Many of our clients fell in love with the Porcea Coast outdoor porcelain paver, as it’s the perfect balance of cream, beige and white tones. With that said, there are still those asking us for a porcelain tile that’s even more white.

Porcea Aura White is the most-white outdoor porcelain tile that we offer. It’s the go-to choice for achieving a modern landscape design with a clean look. Likewise, clients often select it when searching for stunning and elegant 20mm white outdoor porcelain tiles for their project.

Although it has a white color, Porcea Stone does not stain from salt, moss, leaves, or mildew, and these outdoor porcelain tiles are an excellent alternative to natural stones such as Indiana Limestone, Owen Sound Buff, Algonquin Limestone, and Venetian Crema.

Standard Size: 24x24x1”

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