2021 Landscape Design Trends: What’s New in 2021

2021 Landscape Design Trends: What’s New in 2021
April 25, 2021
2021 Landscape Design Trends: What’s New in 2021

Are you planning to give your landscape some makeover this year? Now is the best time to begin thinking about what you want to do with your outdoor space so that you’ll be able to enjoy it throughout the warm days of spring and summer.

There is no doubt that 2020 made a massive impact in our lives in many different ways. It changed the way we use and see our homes. Your garden, patio, and backyard have most likely served greater purposes more than even during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year in 2021, you can expect the popularity of outdoor living areas to grow continuously. And, COVID-19 is not the only reason for that.

More and more people these days are pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle. Likewise, they want to achieve excellent health right at the comforts of their homes, both physically and mentally. On top of that, outdoor spaces will still be that area in your home for social gatherings even during the cold months.

With that in mind, we’ve listed down some of the top 2021 landscape design trends that can help inspire your outdoor living projects.

1. Use Of Natural Stone Materials

Natural stone is one of the most stunning elements you can incorporate in your backyard. Whether you are planning a landscape project or want a new landscape material to add to your outdoor living area, STONEarch natural stones are the best option on the market today.

One of the reasons homeowners, landscape architects, and landscape contractors, prefer our natural stone pavers and flagstone over other materials is because they can adapt to a wide range of budgets. Aside from their natural and timeless beauty, our products are eco-friendly, do not contain any harmful chemicals, and are extremely durable.

Furthermore, natural stones blend well with their surrounding environment. For instance, the natural color variation in hues of yellow, gray, orange, and green of our STONEarch Buff limestone combined with sophisticated patterns is quite mesmerizing. This stone is the perfect contrast in a patio surrounded by dense vegetation and lush flower beds. The overall effect will surely calm your mind even for just a little while.

If you’re leaning towards a modern aesthetic, our STONEarch Onyx Black granite is a great option to create the most stunning and mesmerizing landscape design. This latest version of black granite can easily accentuate modern design landscape designs and take them to a whole new level. Our black granite is top choice for pool copings, planter walls, pillar caps, for dark black natural stone steps.

Buff Limestone Pavers 2 STONEarch
STONEarch Buff Limestone Pavers

2. Edible Landscapes

It seems like each year the term fresh in landscaping design is gaining more and more attention. And there’s nothing fresher than having to pick vegetables and fruits for your dishes in your own garden! With a little bit of investment and hard work, you can turn your backyard into an abundant source of wholesome food for the entire family and even your friends can enjoy.

For most people, vegetables and herbs are what come to mind when thinking of an edible landscape. While that is true, you have a choice to add a fruit tree or two to the landscape design you’re planning. Consider opting for exotic fruit trees that can help your backyard oasis flourish since they tend to attract a lot of pollinators, but keep in mind our harsh Canadian climate. Sometimes it’s better to be safe with a resilient Apple tree, than trying to be overly ambitious and not getting to reap the fruits of your labour (note, the pun).

3. Going Native

While we’re on the subject of plants, another landscaping trend that we’ve been noticing for 2020 is the use of native plants, which will continue in 2021. That’s because these plants offer an array of benefits, along with having the ability to tolerate various conditions.

What’s more, native plants require little to no maintenance, making them ideal if you’re a busy person. They will thrive in the climates they are used to, from rainfall to drought. The reason behind this is that they have had hundreds, and even thousands of years to adjust to stresses brought by disease or pests. Also, they are better than non-native plants in terms of extreme weather situations due to climate change, which is a large challenge for maintaining a beautiful garden here in Canada.

If you want to have zero-maintenance grass and maintain a luscious lawn year-round, one hidden secret is to consider using our STONEarch Artificial Grass. We’ve used some ourselves in our beautiful 5000+ SQF outdoor showroom and haven’t had to touch it since the day it was installed almost a decade ago! Many clients comment that our STONEarch Artificial Grass is the most durable, dense, and long-lasting outdoor turf on the market today.

Turf Artifical Grass Golf Course 1 STONEarch
STONEarch Turf Artifical Grass Golf Course

4. Stepping Stone Walkway with Pebbles

It can be challenging to create a beautiful walkway in your landscape. But you can easily do this by using other supportive components such as natural stone steps which you can accent using STONEarch black pebbles or white pebbles.

A thin border of stone on both sides can help define the path’s width. On the other hand, green succulents can add a touch of character to it, resulting in a remarkable walkway, which can grow overtime to partially cover the step and create a more rustic charm.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a 2021 landscaping trend that will be a huge hit. Most of us love to entertain our guests outdoors. And with our constant desire for inspiration and natural beauty, a lot of people will start to prioritize and invest in beautiful yet functional lighting alternatives. From uplighting to highlight your colorful flowers at night to hurricane lanterns to border your swimming pool, updating your outdoor lighting can open endless possibilities for entertaining.

When upgrading your landscape design with lighting, it is vital to have dark areas and light. This will highlight the spaces you want to draw the eyes of your guests. Also, go for bulbs with a lower wattage and ensure their light is not white but golden.

STONEarch Black Pebbles
STONEarch Black Pebbles

6. Incorporate Smart Technology With Your Landscape Design

There’s no stopping technology, and it seems like it just gets better each year. Today, it has found its way into every industry imaginable, including landscaping. You now have an option to automate your pool or install an irrigation system that you can easily control at the palm of your hands using your smartphone.

Incorporating your landscape design with smart technology is extremely convenient and a time saver. It allows you to maintain your outdoor space even when you’re at work or working on your annual suntan in the Caribbean.

The main thing to keep in mind is that 2021 is the year to invest in your backyards and patios. Build a pool! Get a new driveway! Renovate your deck! It’s all possible when you have the right supplier of natural stone and you can receive the right guidance in terms of the best design ideas for your landscape project. You’re stuck in quarantine and lockdowns anyways, why not build your backyard oasis today?

7. BONUS TIP: Zero-maintenance pavers by Porcea Stone are the way to go

Here at STONEarch, we are leaders in product innovation and are proud to be the first company to launch exciting new natural stone products on a consistent basis. Here are a few products that we’ve launched FIRST in the last couple of years:

STONEarch Indus Gray – An exciting STONEarch limestone that is a light grey colour and matches perfectly with modern landscape design. It’s become so popular that many clients looking at using Indiana Limestone, Venetian Gray, Cascade Limestone or other natural stones, will immediately replace the design with this stunning, clean, modern grey limestone that comes in flagstone pavers, pool copings, straight-edge copings, and straight-cut block steps.

STONEarch Onyx Black – A very dark black granite that is the perfect choice for commercial and residential projects. The rich crystals shine bright in the sunlight, and the unique combination finish which includes flaming & waterjet, brings out the true beauty of this granite. It’s also one of the most dense and durable natural stones that’s part of our premium Landscape Architect Collection.

Porcea Stone Collection – Last on the list but definitely not the least, we want to introduce you to the Porcea Stone outdoor porcelain tile collection. We’re proud to become one of the distributors of this range of outdoor porcelain pavers that is designed for North America. The best part is that this landscaping stone is that it does not need to be sealed and is a zero-maintenance option for clients looking for a clean premium look that will make their backyard a perfect oasis for decades to come.

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