6 Creative Ways to Design Your Outdoor Pool

6 Creative Ways to Design Your Outdoor Pool
October 22, 2023
6 Creative Ways to Design Your Outdoor Pool
6 Creative Ways to Design Your Outdoor Pool

Your outdoor pool is more than just a place to cool off on a hot day; it reflects your style and is a place you can enjoy with your guests or hold intimate gatherings. To make your pool area truly special, incorporate natural stones in building your pool and other elements surrounding it. 

Here are six creative ways to design your outdoor pool and how natural stones can elevate your pool's style.

1. Natural Elegance of Sandstone Coping

STONEarch Slate Gray Sandstone

Begin with the basics: use sandstone pavers for your pool coping. A natural pool should have a natural border. Instead of a plain concrete deck, use stone pavers that perfectly complement your pool's organic aesthetics. Square-cut sandstone pavers creates a seamless harmony with sandstone copings.

2. Inviting Pool Lounge 

STONEarch Alicante Black Granite

Your pool is more than just a spot to bask in the sun; it's a versatile space. You can add built-in bars or ledges place lounge chairs on a sundeck or in the shallow end of your pool. Another option is to position bar stools and benches near the pool to create social seating areas. It provides a comfortable and stylish relaxing space, making your pool area feel like a resort.

3. Pathway to Paradise

STONEarch Indus Gray Limestone Pavers

A well-designed pathway creates an excellent first impression before seeing your outdoor pool. A path gives you more space to plant beautiful trees, bushes, and decorative plants around the pool. You can also add pathways from your house to the pool and other parts of your yard. There are many types of stone pavers to choose from to make your home and pool design match.

4. Multiple Levels and Water Features

STONEarch Black Limestone

Introduce varying levels and dimensions with natural stone steps and platforms. Sandstone and granite pavers can be used to create terraced levels that give your pool area a sophisticated, multi-dimensional look. Enhance your pool's ambiance with water features, like cascading fountains or water walls accented with natural stones. The combination of stone and water creates a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere.

5. Fire and Water Fusion

STONEarch Gray Mix Travertine

Combine the elements of fire and water by including a fire pit or fireplace with a natural stone surround near your pool. This unique contrast adds a sense of drama and warmth to the pool area.

6. Luminous Underwater Lighting

STONEarch Gray Mix Cobbles

Enhance your pool's beauty with the addition of underwater LED lights. These lights create a captivating nighttime atmosphere with the natural sandstone and granite textures.

Contact our support team for expert guidance on selecting the suitable natural stone for your needs and preferences. 

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