Limestone vs. Travertine: Selecting the Right Stone for Your Requirements

Limestone vs. Travertine: Selecting the Right Stone for Your Requirements
March 21, 2024
Limestone vs. Travertine: Selecting the Right Stone for Your Requirements
Limestone vs. Travertine

Limestone and travertine are popular choices for construction and design, each offering unique characteristics. Limestone, a sedimentary rock, originates from marine organisms and minerals, presenting a uniform appearance. In contrast, travertine emerges from mineral springs, boasting a distinct porous texture and earthy tones. Below is a comparison table highlighting their differences:

Is Travertine a Type of Limestone?

Yes, travertine is a form of limestone, albeit softer than traditional limestone varieties. Both stones originate from organic materials compressed over time. Surprisingly, the limestone tiles found in bathrooms and kitchens consist of tiny shells and fossils compacted into solid rock on the ocean floor.

Travertine originates from land rather than sea, forming from sediment buildup in lakes and rivers. Its formation makes it more porous and less dense than other limestone types.

Outdoor Landscaping Applications:

  • Patios: Creates elegant and inviting outdoor living spaces.
  • Pathways: Forms durable and visually appealing walkways through gardens.
  • Retaining Walls: Adds structural integrity and aesthetic charm to garden borders.
  • Pool Decks: Provides an excellent and slip-resistant surface around swimming pools.

  • Pool Coping: Offers a safe and aesthetically pleasing edge to swimming pool surrounds.
  • Outdoor Stairs: Enhances the beauty and functionality of garden staircases.
  • Garden Edging: Defines garden beds and pathways with natural elegance.
  • Feature Walls: Adds texture and character to outdoor focal points.

STONEarch Travertine Collection

Ideal for imparting a natural outdoor ambiance or rustic charm to your landscape projects, STONEarch presents its exquisite Travertine Collection. Notably foot-friendly, they come in tumbled and honed finishes for added versatility.

STONEarch Gray Mix Travertine is a favored choice among landscape architects in Quebec and Ontario. Boasting warm and neutral tones encompassing cream, beige, gray, and blue hues, it lends a sophisticated touch to any outdoor space.

Similarly, the STONEarch Ivory Mix Travertine exudes elegance with its warm cream, beige, and walnut tones. Perfect for upscale residences and high-end landscape endeavors, this stone effortlessly complements contemporary design themes, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any. 

STONEarch Limestone Collection

STONEarch Silver Valley Limestone

STONEarch’s limestone boosts elegance and durability. The Black Limestone stands out for its rich, consistent black hue, making it a preferred choice among landscapers worldwide.

Explore the allure of STONEarch Silver Valley Limestone, with its captivating blueish-gray valleys and white and light gray peaks, perfect for modern landscapes.

Outdoor area.

Price and Longevity:

Travertine offers budget-friendly luxury but requires more maintenance. Limestone demands a higher initial investment but promises timeless elegance and low maintenance. Both stones can enhance property value when properly maintained.

In conclusion, choosing travertine or limestone depends on your priorities, budget, and design preferences. Both stones bring unique characteristics, offer high-end looks, and are excellent choices for enhancing your home's interior and exterior aesthetics.

Contact our team to learn more about STONEarch’s Limestone and Travertine Collection.

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