Natural Stone Guide: All About Sandstone And Its Uses

Natural Stone Guide: All About Sandstone And Its Uses
June 6, 2020
Natural Stone Guide: All About Sandstone And Its Uses

Sandstone is a stunning natural stone. It is popular not only for its distinctive style but has been a reliable material for paving for many centuries. The unique characteristic of sandstone can provide any home with the perfect decorative touch. Because of its durability, a lot of owners choose the landscape material, particularly on areas receiving high-traffic.

Furthermore, you can use sandstone in both residential and commercial applications. It’s an excellent choice if you want to give your pool deck, patio, or backyard a makeover. Meanwhile, when sandstone is utilized for commercial projects, it provides a richness and warmth to the project.

STONEarch sandstone pavers are available in a wide variety of textures and colours, including the following:

You can use our sandstone collection for any of your residential and commercial landscape design projects or applications.

Where To Use Sandstone

natural stone guide sandstone 02

Although sandstone is quite durable, it is more porous in comparison to granite and other natural stones. It’s important assess qualities such as water absorption and also understand where the product will be installed, in order get a clear idea whether or not sandstone is right for your project. Many homeowners and landscape architects really love the use of sandstone because it provides a lot of warmth to any space, and it goes very nicely with the brick colours used in most homes.

You can use sandstone just about anywhere. Aside from your living space and kitchen, this natural stone is also perfect for outdoor applications, including pool copings and steps. Also, it’s a fantastic choice to use as a wall tile for almost all rooms in your home.

Advantages Of Using Sandstone

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Naturally beautiful

Natural materials have a mysterious quality to them that’s very evident in sandstone flooring. The landscaping stone comes in a vast array of hues, ranging from charcoal to black and medium white tones to multicolored whirlpools. But whatever colour or texture it has, sandstone usually comes in more neutral beige, light gray, brown and dark gray tones with a touch of rock and earth.

Many of the sandstones that we have come with a natural cleft finish which make them great for traction and high foot traffic areas. The stone photographed above is particularly unique as it is called STONEarch Fossil and it has imprints of historic fossils directly on the surface of the stone.


Nature itself formed sandstone. This means that the pattern and colour you’ll find in all stones are different and unique on its own. So, you won’t find any two tiles that are exactly alike in appearance. And unlike manufactured tiles, sandstone has movement.

Sandstone comes out in massive slabs when quarried. Then, each piece of sandstone tile will go through a process where they are cut into smaller pieces. Therefore, each of your STONEarch sandstone tiles is a random sample of nature’s wonderful mountainous masterpiece.


No doubt, sandstone is durable and is as hard as a rock (because it is!). Although it can’t compete with the durability and hardness level of granite or black basalt, it’s still strong enough to last for many decades with proper care and maintenance.


The installation of sandstone flooring is in individual pieces or pavers. This means that removing and replacing this flagstone is relatively easy. Just make sure that you have some STONEarch pavers saved from the initial installation, so they match when you repair your project.


If you want to help with the environment, natural stones are the best way to go. Unlike other materials like concrete, sandstone comes from the earth and will biodegrade in time. But don’t worry, it will take many years before this happens. Concrete is one of the largest polluting industries to this planet, second to automobiles. With natural stone, you can be safe that it is gentle on bare feet or for young children as it is an all natural product that is created by mother nature.

Why Should I Choose STONEarch Sandstone?

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STONEarch flagstone pavers are truly gorgeous and will add value to your property. Once your guests walk in your home and see your stunning sandstone floors, they’ll be very impressed. So, if you’re ready to use sandstone on your next landscape project, choose the variation and colour suitable for the decor of your home and contact us for further assistance. Don’t just choose any sandstone, ask specifically for STONEarch! All our sandstones are calibrated to ensure consistent thickness to make it easy for installation and also designed to lay perfectly into geometric patterns.

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