7 Ways to Add Water Elements to Your Outdoor Landscape

7 Ways to Add Water Elements to Your Outdoor Landscape
July 11, 2023
7 Ways to Add Water Elements to Your Outdoor Landscape
7 Ways to Add Water Elements to Your Outdoor Landscape

It is not surprising that homeowners want their outdoor landscape to be as functional, attractive, and welcoming as possible. While there are several features and elements to add that can help with the attainment of this goal, there is one particular feature that brings life, enhances sensory experiences, and makes the outdoor landscape appear generally much better and more distinct: water elements. 

How Water Elements Boost the Outdoor Landscape 

Water features are great to add to the backyard, garden, yard, or overall outdoor landscape. The addition of these elements would boost the feeling and mood of the area, enhance the sensory experience, and add life and movement to the space. Not to mention, these elements are also an opportunity to include marginal and aquatic plants in the area.

Aside from this, incorporating water features will also offer a central point of focus that enables other planting themes, backyard ideas, and design features to emanate around it. Water additions, such as pools, that are installed with premium materials such as natural stone pavers can also boost the appeal of the area in an environmentally friendly way. Pavers made of granite or limestone could complete and decorate the aquatic area. 

7 Ways to Incorporate Water Features to the Outdoor Landscape 

However, there are some important things to note before proceeding with the process of adding water elements, considering how there are various ways to get this done. Some homeowners may like to focus on specific points, such as the stillness of water or the sound of running water. Some may also want to focus on natural stones, such as basalt, that would support the water feature. Such factors, among others, would help in determining which water element to go for. 

Hence, it is important to consider which water element would suit the area and theme well. That being said, here are some ways to incorporate water elements into the outdoor landscape. 

  • Pools
  • Garden fountain
  • Water bowl
  • Wildlife pond
  • Birdbath
  • Garden pools 
  • Water feature sculpture 
  • Waterfall


Pools are great functional and water entertainment areas to add to the outdoor landscape if space permits. These additions offer a place to rest, relax, and enjoy the outdoors alone or with friends and family. Not to mention, a swimming pool can also complement a home’s aesthetics and boost the property’s value. 

When it comes to adding pools, it is important to ensure that they are made with premium and safe materials that are meant to last. The pool coping, especially, should not be compromised. Natural stone pavers of sandstone and granite, among others, could work especially well for this purpose. 

Garden Fountain

A garden fountain is quite a dynamic water element. Adding this feature will provide not just a visual impact but also an auditory experience. 

There are many ways to add a garden fountain to the space. The fountain could facilitate a simple water trickle or a gushing and dramatic flow of water. Regardless, the sound of moving water will greatly contribute to the atmosphere of the area. 

These areas work especially well with ponds, though ponds have special requirements in order to avoid getting its surroundings wet or wasting water. Durable stones such as granite also work remarkably well for fountains. 

Wildlife Pond

Wildlife ponds can attract various creatures, including insects, birds, mammals, and amphibians. These ponds have a more organic shape compared to the typical pond. They can be added to the garden’s quiet edges, where visitors from the wild can thrive undisturbed. 

For wildlife ponds, floating aquatic plants and oxygenating plants can be added. The area can also be landscaped and filled with natural paver stones to add more balance and functionality. 


Similar to a wildlife pond, a birdbath also welcomes wildlife into the outdoor space. This water feature invites songbirds to drink and bathe in the area, which is quite a relaxing and joyous sight to see. It is important, however, to keep in mind that birds do not take baths in deep waters.

Birdbaths can be used as a focal point for garden beds, making them a great addition to the outdoor landscape.  

Garden Pools

With strategic hardscaping, garden pools are also great additions to the outdoor landscape that involve water elements. These pools can serve as a strong focal point in a naturally themed or formal garden. 

The area can be landscaped and hardscaped to accommodate walkways, plants, and other landscaping features. It would also be good to thoroughly think about its positioning so that it may offer vibrant reflections of the sky or its surrounding plants. 

Water Feature Sculpture

Water feature sculptures are more stylized and intricate compared to others. Similar to a birdbath and garden pool, these additions could serve as strong focal points. They can also be made using different materials, such as steel or even repurposed natural stone.

When adding such sculptures or artworks, it is important to carefully think about their positioning so that they may be appreciated from different angles. 


Waterfalls are a sensory treat that can be incorporated into the outdoor landscape. Their visual movement makes them a sight to behold, but more than that, they also boost the experience by offering the natural sounds of gushing water. 

At the start, it is important to consider the size, maintenance, and location of these additions. It may be incorporated with other water features, such as ponds, but it is important to get waterfalls professionally done in order to have premium results. 

Boost Your Outdoor Landscape With STONEarch 

All these water element additions can boost the aesthetics, functionality, and value of your outdoor landscape. Now, if you are looking for premium materials to get started with your outdoor water features, choose STONEarch. Our collection of natural stone pavers ensures[;/ that your water features will be built to last. 

Contact us to make your dream pool, pond, fountain, and other outdoor features a reality.

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