STONEarch Product Feature: Black and White Pebbles for Landscaping

STONEarch Product Feature: Black and White Pebbles for Landscaping
December 8, 2020
STONEarch Product Feature: Black and White Pebbles for Landscaping

A landscape with a proper design can make or break it. And one of the best ways to spruce up your garden or outdoor space is using natural stones, such as pebbles. Whether you want a Japanese-style traditional zen garden or simply want to give your backyard a little makeover, STONEarch pebbles can help transform your outdoor or indoor space with ease.

What Are The Benefits Of Using STONEarch Black And White Pebbles?

Black Pebbles 2 STONEarch
STONEarch Black Pebbles

Our black and white pebbles are not your traditional or ordinary landscaping rocks. These eco-friendly materials are all-natural to provide your space, landscape, backyard, patio, or garden a natural feel to it. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Hence, they will be able to complement any landscape design you have.

Furthermore, STONEarch pebbles are one of the best landscaping stones you can use if you want your outdoor environment to have further textural and visual interest. They are perfect for making your pathways, walkways, potted plants, landscaping, flower arrangements, and so much more look elegant and stylish. You can even apply our pebbles on an empty area to fill it up while at the same time give it a natural feel and character.

STONEarch white pebbles are quite versatile. You can use them on your landscape on their own, or mix them up with black stones, brownstones, and river rocks. Meanwhile, STONEarch black pebbles are great for creating a new style or jazzing up your space. All you need is your imagination and creativity, and you’ll be able to give your home the transformation it needs.

6 Ways To Use Pebbles As a Part Of Your Landscaping

White Pebbles 2 STONEarch
STONEarch White Pebbles
  1. Fill between stepping stones for a walkway or pathway
  2. Accent feature for an outdoor living area
  3. Elegant fill for borders or planters
  4. Cover weeping tiles for drainage
  5. Ground cover to reduce weeds
  6. Replacement for garden mulch

Walkway or pathway: Fill between stepping stones

You can fill in your pathway or walkway while defining it by using STONEarch pebbles. Likewise, they work amazingly with stepping stones. Make sure to pick a pebble that can complement your steppers to allow continuity. Or if you want to highlight your walkway or pathway, choose a contrasting color. You can even mix our pebbles with other natural stones to achieve more movement and texture.

Outdoor living area: Accent feature surrounding furniture

You can use pebbles as an accent for your outdoor living space, especially if building a paving in your backyard is not possible. Then, throw in some lounges, tables, and benches to achieve a beautiful sitting area in your garden where you can relax and entertain your guests. Plus, it’s an economical and easy DIY that you can do over the weekend.

Border: Use to create borders or fill planters

You can use our black or white pebbles to provide a border on areas where you want your home, garden, or grass to start and stop. Implementing a border like this can help ensure that you can keep things where you want them to be while preserving the natural garden design elements of your landscape’s aesthetic.

Another popular use is to fill planters using STONEarch black or white pebbles. Pebbles can provide a very modern, clean, and crisp look while reducing the likelihood of weeds forming in your planters.

Drainage: Cover weeping tile or allow water percolation

Pebbles are excellent materials for decorating grates and drains while preserving your drainage. You can add texture and contrast and not affect your home’s drainage and its water flow by covering the grates on strip drains or a spillover in the paved areas.

Many of our clients will also install weeping tiles in certain areas of their landscape design. These weeping tiles will usually be below the grade of the remaining backyard, and as a cover, they will fill the gap with our black pebbles which allows water to percolate through the joints but also hides the drain pipe very well.

Ground Cover: Reduce weeds and provide a pop of colour

If you have an unkempt lawn, an eroding pathway, or an uneven corner, our range of pebbles is a great way to even out these areas and add a subtle color feature. Moreover, if you want to instantly give a flower bed an easy facelift, just fill our black or white pebbles over the soil or over some landscape fabric and finish off with a beautiful touch to your design.

Garden mulch: Replace black mulch with black pebbles

STONEarch pebbles are also ideal to use as mulch in your garden beds. They will be able to provide the soil with protection from weeds, sunlight, and even erosion. Keep in mind that when laying STONEarch pebbles over soil, we always recommend using a landscape fabric underneath to prevent the pebbles from sinking into the soil and reduce the likelihood of weeds.

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